Two Mini Guitar Lessons To Help Stop Your Guitar Solo’s From Sounding Mediocre!

Hi Mike here from Killer Guitar Tips.

I am now going to show you a couple of mini guitar lessons in this article that you really should know to help get your guitar soloing of to a great start and stop you from sounding shall we say mediocre!

OK, let;s get started…

The mini guitar lesson this week will demonstrate how you can use the pentatonic pattern #1 scale for major and minor solo’s.

One of the first things we need to understand is that every pentatonic pattern can be used for both major and minor scales.

So, if you look at pattern #1 at the fifth fret we see that the two keys are A minor (Am) and C major (C). These are know as the relative major and minors.

As we can see, this pattern can now be used for BOTH these keys, Am and C major. So, to get a real cool, bluesy rock sound we can simply play Am over a track writtem in A major!

Now here’s the good bit…

Staying in this pattern move the whole pattern down the neck (towards the tuning pegs) by 3 frets. Play the very same pattern here and you will now be playing in A major producing a melodic, tuneful solo sound!!!

Moving onto the next little mini guitar lesson continuing the theme of moving pentatonic pattern #1 around the guitar neck to crete great solo’s.

If we play in the key of A by playing pattern 1 at the 5th fret (Am) we can create a really cool bluesy rock solo.

Now here’s the best part… Try moving the whole pentatonic pattern #1 shape up the neck to the 7th fret which will be Em and continue playing! You will find this produces a fantastic melodic sound using the exact same pattern only at a different part of the neck, try it for yourself. You’ll find many, many guitarists use this simple little trick to enhance their sound.

Remember to make a place on your hard drive for all the mini guitar lessons I will be giving you in articles over the coming weeks and make sure you practice them regularly. You will eventually have a fantastic bag of tricks that when used together in a solo will produce a pro sound. Your friends will be amazed at you new found skill!

Remember these mini guitar lessons are just a very small fraction of what you will receive if you subscribe to my killer guitar course, that will be released shortly.
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