U.s. Core Wire Tsui New? Active Face Serum – Moisture Replenishment, Beauty, Anti-aging –

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Face Serum Silk ( 498/30ml) is the U.S. core wire Tsui (NeoStrata) lactose acid technology, the classic representative of one of the products that can instantly brighten the perfect color, is the first cosmetic skin surgery of Maintenance Repair products. It contains 10% lactose acid and vitamins A, C, E and other ingredients, unique FlimMatrix Technology , You can moisturize and lock water, stimulate the skin cells regenerate, firm and enhance facial contours elasticity, reducing wrinkles and even out skin tone, smaller pores, pigmentation, enhance the skin cells ability to repair wounds, strengthen skin protection, etc. long-term use can increase the skin epidermis, dermis thickness, comprehensively enhance skin! Especially suitable for dry, neutral, sensitive, aging skin, skin and beauty needs repair and postoperative care to use.

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Since the “acid” father Scott, MD, and Dr. Yu Ruijin, the first time in Canada in 1974, published in Proceedings of Dermatology acid skin care related studies, have rocked the world of skin care science, this is the first time in human history, scientific validation acid in Moisturizing Pay, anti-aging wrinkles, eliminate pock, fade spots, brighten skin and so a significant effect.

Fan Dr. Shi Kaote and Dr. Yu has reached more than 100 kinds of patent acid, the world famous pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories to pay royalties before they can appeal the efficacy of acid. Acid famous brand — United States, the first core wire Tsui (NeoStrata) is Scott, MD, and Dr. Yu exchange a skin care brand was created. United States, each of the core wire Tsui acid skin care products can have 4 to 5 patents Consumption The time of purchase as long as the pick up in the boxes, you can see the patent number. U.S. R & D core wire Tsui acid skin care products for each bottle are through dermatologists Test , Clinical trials, and published in the world Top The Dermatology Medical Association or the magazine, which is on the market any product can not do.

Around the world, the U.S. core wire Villa are located in the medical-grade skin care products to repeated based on the results of clinical trials, appeals to skin and the symptoms quickly improved. Research reports and patents have ingredients, respect for the medical-grade skin care products in with the first and second you will see very good results, so tend to be continued using it. Access to markets around the world including China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, pharmacies) U.S. core wire Tsui, medical access channel used to indicate their professional status.

Acid has been sustainable development, such as the United States the latest results of the core wire Tsui core wire in the United States Green (NeoStrata) exclusive worldwide patented formula?? The third generation of acid – Lactose acid (LactobionicAcid), set repair, anti-aging, moisturizing, anti- Oxidation To promote the rejuvenation of skin effect in a variety of excellent, is by far the most advanced of the acid, it is higher than two generations before, nature is more gentle, more moisturizing effect, but also has strong skin repair and antioxidant effect.