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HC Home Network News : With the improvement of living standard, consumers are not only functional aspects of the pursuit of the demand for refrigerators, refrigerator designs and put a higher demand. According to statistics, the urban consumers, the pursuit of modern and simple look and feel of the consumer has reached 49.4%, and modern minimalist style in the field of home appliances also become a popular fashion.

European design and modern aesthetic of the full integration of

To consumer demand-oriented R & D and marketing, is

America’s refrigerator Always adhere to the principle. Aiming at high-end fashion consumer refrigerators, artistic requirements, the introduction of the U.S.

Van Tai Luo Series refrigerator all use authentic European design and integrate the simple modern aesthetic features, charm and fashion show of harmony among the beauty of modern simplicity to satisfy consumer demand for fine living. It is understood that the pursuit of those who meet current consumer demand for personalized, U.S. Van Tai Lo refrigerator also launched a personalized custom special

Service , The Italian Red, Mediterranean Blue, Orange Nablus, Alpine white, silvery white drawing a total of five kinds of fashion colors for consumers to choose.

U.S. Van Tai Lo refrigerator BCD-283UTM6 (Alpine White) (

HC Family with map grid ) Process design and the meticulous details of treatment

In addition to the overall appearance of the pursuit of simple and fashionable style, where Emperor Luo series refrigerator in the design and details of the treatment process is sufficient to take care of the consumer experience. If Van Tai Lo of L-door handle design, metal material, highlighting the texture and appearance characteristics not only unique, but also both practical, users get the refrigerator in the lower food more convenient.

In Van Tai Luo series products, such as L-type handle combines aesthetic value and practical value of the design abound, such as the refrigerator display and buttons with silver trim strip between to distinguish, touch sensor buttons with the concave design glass shelf folding, variable shaped greenhouse drawer designed to use more space,

LED Combined with the dome light photosynthesis fresh … … a series of process design, and details of the deal fully reflect human nature and ease of use.

Preservation and Energy Excellence in performance

Addition to the unique design style, the Van Tai Lo refrigerator excellent preservation technology is even more noteworthy. The refrigerator door is in direct cooling air circulation combined with three-dimensional technology, can

Food Demand for adjustable storage temperature, to achieve the wide -7 -10 temperature, keeping the temperature of food to meet the different needs. The top of the refrigerator door freezer set up 4 three rows of LED cold light source lamp, light effects can be achieved only, and does not increase the temperature of the refrigerator, LED lights can also continue to release the imitation of natural light, so that the refrigerator food, especially fruit vegetables can be sustained in the low temperature for photosynthesis, without loss of nutrient elements in fruit and vegetable care.

In addition, all Tai Lo refrigerator full range of products are comprehensive, excellent energy-saving technology to the existing national energy efficiency standards, energy saving without reducing cooling capacity, cooling capacity up to 14kg/24h, can be frozen quickly food frozen up.

U.S. Van Tai Luo series refrigerator with unique European style, fashion style look rich, personalized details of the design, superior preservation technology to consumers beyond the imagination of refined living experience, has gradually become a high-end groups new choice of life upgrade. SABUNG AYAM