UK Police now use Proximity Advertising

Ad-pods is pleased to announce we have begun to provide numerous UK Police Forces with the Ad-pods Bluetooth Advertising system. Significant counties like Essex, Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police forces all now use the Ad-pod to send out crime prevention messages to the public. We alse have the UK’s largest crime prevention organization called Crimestoppers utilizing the Ad-pod.

The Police understand the energy of making use of Bluetooth Advertising and several of the UK forces have employed various Bluetooth Advertising and marketing systems from other businesses but they find that the other systems are too bulky to successfully use whilst on the move.

With an Ad-pod the Police officers can wear the device although out on the beat. This enables them to hit thousands of handset direct in the heart of a community. As a lot of crime prevention messages are targeting young people the Ad-pod is the best device to get these crucial messages across.

Bluetooth Marketing and advertising is an economical way to advertise direct to mobile phones for cost-free.

An Ad-pod works by uploading an advert to it which can be image, text or video. As soon as configured the pod as quickly as it is switched on will uncover all the phones in the region with bluetooth activated and send them a message asking them if they want the advert.

What is wonderful about this type of advertising is that it is eco friendly and 100% free for both the sender and the receiver. It is unlimited free marketing as soon as you have bought the pod.

Ad-pods can operate for any company in any market there are no limits to how this can be utilized.

These days more than 80% of mobile phones have bluetooth and practically every person owns a mobile telephone. Bluetooth Marketing and advertising Pods allow you to send adverts to phones inside a 30m range. In the UK alone there are more than 50 million mobile phones. So you now have a platform making use of an pod to send unlimited adverts to 80% of the population for free of charge.

There is no paper waste with Bluetooth Advertising. many councils are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental motives. With a pod you are basically sending digital flyers and for that reason there is no adverse effect on the environment.