Unbeatable Value in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated places in the world, is famous for its charm and diverse culture. The residents here lead different way of life and the society is contemporary and capitalistic. Even though the people still follow the Chinese tradition. It is considered as one of the world’s vibrant cities since the olden days.

The history of the place has some connection with the Opium War. In the middle of nineteenth century, Great Britain colonized the island. In 1898, an agreement was signed and the city was handed over to British for 99 years. But by 1984, British agreed to give back Hong Kong to China.

Hong Kong is considered as one of the most popular tourist attraction around the world. The city is small but lively with a fantastic night life which is akin to the Caribbean. The city is situated near India and Philippines and is one of the best English speaking areas in Asia.

You can enjoy several mouth-watering cuisines in the region including Chinese, Indian, Mughalai, and international cuisines. Unique Chinese dishes like special dim sum are very tasty. You can also taste other Chinese specialties like chicken lo mein, fried whole trout, Peking duck, stuffed scallops, tofu dishes, mouth-watering Tong Cho oysters, and exotic seafood plates of soft-shell crab topped with crawfish tails.

There are several McDonald’s outlets and Western-style restaurants for American and European food. When compared to other tourist locations around the world, this destination is a bit expensive. If you want to reduce your cost of living in Hong Kong, you have to choose dormitories for stay and eat budget meals, usually Chinese dishes, instead of going to other big fancy restaurants. As it is a shopping paradise, it is difficult to resist your desire to buy. So it is better to embrace your money, if you do not need to overspend.

Hong Kong is well known for its thriving service industry and most of the residents are working in either banking, telecommunications, insurance or tourism. It is also popular for its entertainment industry and is considered as the Movie capital of Asia.

As it is both a modern and ancient city, you can find places to stay with out any problem when visiting Hong Kong. Accommodation facilities come in all types of excellence, shapes and prices. Cheap youth hostels with standard amenities and five star luxury hotels with luxurious facilities are offered.

Most of the luxurious facilities are available in Hong Kong Island, the central area of the city. For people looking for cheap accommodation, Kowloon and the New territories offer diverse sources. You can also find hostels in Hong Kong Island. As Hong Kong is a major transportation hub of Asia, it can cater to all budgets.

Hong Kong has a varied mix of characters as a result of lengthy British occupation and a great Chinese influence. The place has a lot to offer tourists around the world; this is the reason why more and more people visit this place year round. Situated in Kowloon, Hong Kong Museum of Art is the best place for history buffs. The Museum houses more than 14,000 items including paintings, calligraphy Hong Kong treasure, art objects, antiques and lithographs.

Hong Kong Disneyland, the fist Disneyland in Asia, offers an enchanting experience to the travelers and natives alike. The park features four main attractions, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and Main Street, USA. You can have a view of the entire city from Victoria Peak which is situated around 1810 feet above sea level. Take a cruise around the water of Lantau Island and watch pink dolphins that only live in this water.

Have great fun in Ocean Park which is one of the great attractions in the city. The park houses Lowlands Gardens, Marine Land and Headlands amusement park where you can go and have a ride with cable cars and roller coasters. Have fun with your kids in Water World’s wave pools, play area, and water slides.

Hong Kong Space Museum is another major attraction in the city. It features several displays including robotics, telecommunications, energy, computers, and physics. Middle Kingdom, The Central district, Lamma Island, Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery and Wet Market are also worth a visit. Plan your next vacation to this vibrant city now itself.
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