Uncover a College – Monroe

Monroe College

Monroe Colleges are situated in 3 locations – the Bronx and New Rochelle in New York City and in the Caribbean in St. Lucia. The school was constructed in the early 1930’s and comprises of a student physique well more than seven thousand. Monroe’s mission is a basic a single, to educate their student body for a productive future. They have a multitude of applications including General Enterprise, Health Services Administration, Information Technology, and Criminal Justice. This university also focuses heavily in the healthcare sector with its applications in Medical Assisting, Nursing and Medical Administration.

Degree Programs

Monroe gives three levels of degree applications which includes Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree and Graduate Degree Applications. Some associate degrees are Criminal Justice, Healthcare Assisting, Pharmacy Tech and Accounting. Bachelor Degree in Public Well being, Basic Business, Business Management, Hospitality Management, and Details Technologies are all provided. A Master’s Degree of Enterprise Administration and Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice can also be achieved. The campuses also offer a Sensible Nursing Plan which grants eligibility for the State Board Exam.

The Location

As the 7th nationally ranked city in population density Monroe students will not be brief of friends. New York’s nightlife is popular for its dense but enormous skyscrapers and nightlife. The humid summer climate is not for absolutely everyone and is only confounded by its really cold and dry winters. Temperatures in the summer are usually in the 70’s and 80’s with -13 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.


Students travel about the campus on bikes, fast electric scooters, skateboards, gas and electric motor scooters and of course walking. Students can live off campus and typically ride their transportation of choice from their residences to classes. Purchasing such transportation is an expense, which implies the listed modes of transportation make exceptional gifts for guys and girls.