Uncover the Iconic Former Marine Police Headquarters at 1881 Heritage

Constructed in 1884 the site which now occupies 1881 Heritage was a single of the oldest government structures in the island nation of Hong Kong and famously served as its Marine Police Headquarters till 1997. Revamped and rebranded as a premier luxury hub in recent times the old district that after housed the Marine Police Headquarters is a Tsim Sha Tsui cultural icon where past and present mingle without contradiction. Preserving its European architectural components as well as the historic structures that lay scattered across the former military complicated 1881 Heritage is a sight to behold as the grandeur of its previous has only been enhanced by the transformation.

The chief highlight of a visit to this Kowloon cultural district would be understandably concentrated about the structures of the Former Marine Police Headquarters which still tower above the landscape as in centuries past. Taking visitors to Victorian age Hong Kong the main structure of the former Marine Police Headquarters is an architectural marvel for the ages. As a fine amalgamation of neo-classical and Victorian constructing styles the venue includes a central courtyard where the wall coops have been built to house pigeons utilised to convey messages to seafaring vessels from the land base. This was a common practice in pre-radio instances exactly where communication relied heavily on messages conveyed via birds. Residence to quite a few holding cells that when imprisoned pirates and other delinquents the elevated ground floor of the creating is another key function as this kept the venue cool during hot summer months.

Housing many Declared Monuments the Former Marine Police Headquarters is possibly ideal recognized for its Time Ball Tower. Employed to provide worthwhile chronometric details to ships approaching Victoria Harbour the ball atop the pole of the tower was moved by hand each morning in accordance with info fed by the Hong Kong Observatory. Dropping down at 1pm every single day the tower which was visible all across Victoria Harbour assisted ships sailing to and from the port in accurately calibrating their chronometer to one tenth of a second.

Shoppers can also find the ideal in global brands at the locale’s plush purchasing mall even though those with an interest in culture can cease by the Exhibition Hall. A heritage hotel is also element of the landscape of 1881 Heritage exactly where the past and present combine to produce an intriguing point of interest nicely worthy of exploration.

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