Uncover the uniqueness of churches in Goa

Goa travel guide is an exhaustive resource for any traveler seeking to discover the different facets of this amazing state. Amongst the various tourist spots in Goa, the churches in Goa do deserve a particular mention. They are a testimony to Goa’s history and heritage, as most of them have been constructed for the duration of the Portuguese rule of Goa. In addition to, the religious significance, these edifices also aid in tracing the distinctive and distinctive architectural styles that had been incorporated. Old Goa is specifically famous for its churches and has also been designated the title of World Heritage Site. Any traveler visiting Goa for the first time or umpteenth time would definitely want to take out at least half a day to explore the mystical and magnificent churches.

Some of the most distinctive churches in Goa that deserve a special mention incorporate:

Church of St. Francis of Assisi: Constructed in 1517 and later rebuilt twice, this church is renowned for its architecture. Some of the architectural highlights of this church consist of intricate woodwork, stunning murals and ornamented screens. The murals are based on the life of St. Francis although the floor also contains coats-of-arms.

Se Cathedral: The opulence and magnificence of this church is recognized planet more than and vacationers pay a visit to this place from far and wide. Committed to St. Catherine of Alexandria, this church is specifically known for its 5 bells. The Golden Bell is the most well-known one particular among the five that resonates with a wealthy sound.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Among the a variety of churches in Goa, this is 1 of the most famous churches. Constructed in the 16th century, this church is property to the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The remains are enshrined in a silver casket and placed over a 3 tier marble tomb. Folks across diverse faith go to this church to pray to St. Francis Xavier.

Church of St. Cajetan: It is believed that this church is built on the same lines as that of St. Peter’s in Rome. Constructed by the Italian friars, this church is especially recognized for its façade that depicts Corinthian style of architecture. The beautifully created altar is devoted to Our Lady of Divine Providence.

Church of Mae de Deus: Surrounded by some of the most panoramic views, this church is actually 1 of the most lovely and splendid monuments. Goa travel guide does contain detailed details on this magnificent church recognized for its Gothic style of architecture. It is a sheer joy and pleasure to visit this church in the evening when it is fully lit up.
Church of St. Augustine: The Augustine friars constructed this church in 1602, nonetheless by 1835, the church was completely neglected, as a variety of religious orders have been evicted from Goa. What remains nowadays is the huge tower measuring 46m that was component of the façade and also served as a belfry.

A check out to Goa is incomplete without witnessing the numerous sights and attractions that this incredible state has to offer. Churches in Goa are an integral part of Goa’s tourist attractions and need to be included as part of one’s travel itinerary.