Universities in the U.A.E

During the course of few decades the UAE have made a remarkable progress in the education sector. In the current standing among the educational institutes UAE comprise of some of the top institutions in Asia providing high quality education related to American Standards of higher education. Most of the Universities in the UAE focus on fields related to business, engineering, liberal arts, humanities and social sciences. There are other specialization fields as well but the majority of the students studying in the UAE opt for these academic fields. This article discusses some of the most popular Universities in the UAE. Some of them are discussed below.

UAE University

UAE University is the top University in the UAE and was founded way back in 1976. It is also considered as one of the leading Universities among the Arab nations. From the previous stats UAE University now comprise of more than 12,000 students. The University is located in the city of AL-Ain and provides graduate and undergraduate studies in academic fields related to Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Information Technology, Business, Science and many related fields. The University is equipped with all the modern facilities of education as well as research tools. It consists of local as well as foreign students from all around the globe.

Zayed University

The Zayed University is located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It is considered as the Second Best University in the UAE. It comprises of undergraduate as well as post graduate degrees related to Media, Education, Business, Information Technology, Arts and sciences. The University was established in 1998. It is English speaking University and comprises of all the modern facilities to promote high quality learning among the students all around the globe.

UAE is rapidly becoming a global emerging nation in terms of providing high standard education that matches that of the Western education system.

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