USA, came the first channel in 3D


The HD is not enough anymore? No problem. Hypothetically you could soon find full listings to view in 3D. The U.S. market has already been activated in this respect, it is news these days that Direct TV as Sky, will launch in 2010 a channel in high definition and in 3D. The same type that is already occasionally used in some types of film at the cinema.

It was the very success of some films to shift attention among producers and networks to this new technology, which thankfully has nothing to do with the first and clumsy attempts to three-dimensional movies of the 90s. An innovation that threatens to seriously change the conception that we have entertainment and television. A change facilitated by the electronics industry that sees itself first of all, the LG and Sony to focus on 3D as a new target market on which to build new LCD TVs.

The news for both stations, was announced through press releases and some excellent results and enthusiastic persuasive presentations at past CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the transition to HD seems easier than expected, it should be noted that using this type of transmission will be necessary to have compatible equipment and television special glasses suitable for three-dimensional vision. At the technological level, for the end user, the transition to a 3D entertainment might be rather expensive. One problem that industry experts are already working to solve through the creation of better and less invasive technologies to be used.

The first programs to ferry the three-dimensional technology will be in homes, sports programs, the easiest at the time, to make it suitable for the transmission in 3D. The first to opt for this type of technology will be ESPN. Different matter when it comes to Italy. While in Europe the first experiment in this direction will be conducted this year in Britain, the slow diffusion of HD in our country does not bode well for landing in a rapid three-dimensional television.


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