Use Your Emails as a Billboard

Ok, so how do you get attention? Without it — no one knows. If no one knows — no one cares.

One of the most simplest ways to get our point of view out there and get people to have the “whiplash” factor is in your email and subject lines! So, I was playing with you a little today in my subject line because I wanted to show you exactly what I meant. It’s a busy world. It’s a loud world. And there are a few simple ways you can cut through all of that with your emails and subject lines.

Now, let me be very vulnerable and show you something. Here are my open rates for the last three emails I have sent:

8/30/11 Solo Su*zanne Evans is hiring! 27.72%

8/31/11 Solo [Last Chance] Still time to climb on board 14.29%

9/1/11 Ezine Fat, Gay, and Broke 28.6% (Last time this article ran it was over 40%…this one will creep up, as well… it just hasn’t been out long enough.)

So, look at these three headlines…. Why would two have open rates off the charts and one be fairly lousy? It can all be summed up in one word: INSPIRATION. It’s what everyone is looking for — inspire me! Guide me! So, how does/did this work?

Su*zanne is Hiring title: It appealed to two types of people. 1) Hire me! Hire me! People — I want to be a part of the team! 2) Wow — she is hiring. Her business is growing. I want to hire right now. I need help. How did she do it?

Last Chance title: It’s pretty clear it is an offer. It doesn’t really speak to me. It is informational. Not inspirational.

Fat, Gay, and Broke title: It’s shocking (to some). It’s curious — it creates mystery. It’s inspiring. Some are thinking — wow — that sucks for her… I must be pretty good! It was brutally honest and inspiration inspires.

It is pretty clear that you can see INSPIRATION gets attention. And inspiration is not always motivation and hell yeah’s! It comes in lots of ways — here are a few ways you can get attention, be the real deal, and get a “hell yeah” open rate!

1) Be creative. What gets someone to slam on breaks while driving down the internet highway at 75 mph?

Example: Big News! I’m expecting…

2) Be honest. People are looking for connection. They know your story is their story and experience is universal.

Example: Fat, Gay, & Broke

3) Be playful. We take ourselves waaay too seriously. Poke fun. Make fun. Have fun.

Example: I really messed this up — sorry!

4) Be confrontational. YES. Remember my definition of confrontation is urgency with honesty.

Example: Are you a quitter?

5) Be smart. Stats, data, and new development can get attention fast.

Example: New data — 37% revenue increase in 30 days with this tool

So, not getting enough clients? Not making enough money? Answer: Are you making enough noise? Are you getting folks to slam on breaks? You can’t help anyone until you get them to notice you.
Sabung Ayam
Jillette Johnson