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According to the China Association of home appliance repair
news, “Household and similar electrical appliances life span and recycling General” (the “General”) since the project has, after nearly three years of research, drafting, preparation of work, 2006 early in October submitted to the Standardization Administration, is expected to formally set out recently.

It is understood that, “General” First on the safe use of household appliances made a clear definition of life, the safe use of life is described as follows: “the requirements of household appliances in accordance with the instructions, after a certain time, their safety performance continues to meet the GB4706. 1 and their corresponding special request. “and provides” safe use period from the date of consumer purchase. ” On the “safe useful life requirements,” General made the following provisions: “apparatus manufacturers should be self declaration form, in accordance with the GB5296.2” use of consumer use of household appliances that “the requirement that the useful life of security appliances.” At the same time “The minimum safety equipment useful life of not less than” return home appliance repair replacement responsibility provides that “in the main (zero) components of the three packs of validity period.”

Secondly, the “General” on the old equipment and waste appliances to do a restrictive definition: the former is “the normal use over time, the security line GB4706.1 and their corresponding special requirements, but performance declined the apparatus. “which is” the normal use over time, security, performance does not meet GB4706.1 down to their corresponding special requests, or key performance dropped significantly to no longer use and maintenance of the value of apparatus; or exceeding the safety useful life of equipment. “

In addition, the “General” after the abandoned household appliances also “re-use” do definitions and define the basic line with current international practice. Re-use (reuse) means parts, components or materials through a simple re-use after restoration treatment, not more than that of the failure of parts or components after treatment, test reuse?? This is not the “parts or components “class reuse; recycling (re-cycling) refers to a variety of materials (metal, nonmetal, plastic, etc.) recycling the treated material obtained new?? This generally refers to” material level “The re-use; recycling (recovery) is the addition to the above areas of the two concepts, the recovery of energy and so on.

The circulation of old appliances and use of, “General” also made that: “all the old equipment after a professional appliance repair, after passing through security checks and the issuing of second-hand signs with the provisions may continue to circulate and use, but the old equipment is no longer the responsibility of the quality of the original equipment manufacturer but by a specific professional service agencies. “” General, “The introduction of household appliances can not only regulate the use of life, can also regulate second-hand appliances market, consumer protection safe to use.
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