Using A Fake Bake Lotion For A Safe Tan

Fake bake, spray tanning, sunless tanning are all synonyms for self-tanning products. These products are used to obtain a bronzed look while keeping away from the ultraviolet rays which have a tendency to damage the skin. Irrespective of the name you use to refer to them, these lotions are the best way to get a beautiful skin the whole year long.

Working Of These Products

Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is a chemical that is used to create these products for a fake bake. The darkening effects of DHA were discovered in the early 20th century. Ever since the formulas have been recreated and perfected to ensure they offer a more distinct glow to the body. Basically, tanning caused by DHA is a chemical reaction which tends to alter the color of the dead skin cells.

Chemically, Dihydroxyacetone is only a form of sugar. When slithered onto the body, it begins to react with the amino acids in the skin, making the cells turn brownish. Apart from this, Erythrulose is another chemical which functions in the same way but takes comparatively more time to color the body. Essentially, it is amalgamated with DHA to offer a longer lasting tan.

Choosing A Way For Product Application

Tanning products which offer a fake bake can be used on your own or with the help of experts in the salon. The best way of getting a tan is to get the product put on professionally.

Normally, salons make use of spray tanning. Two of the most popular ways of spray tanning are as follows:

* An automatic booth where an individual enters a cubicle, presses a button, and is sprayed with a product automatically.

* Airbrush tanning where an individual applies the tan on his or her body by making use of an airbrush.

If somebody decides to use tanning products on their own, it is extremely important to do that correctly to make sure the skin remains smooth and non-splotchy.

Sunscreen Is A Must

Tanning products for a fake bake only tend to transform the top layer. They do not have the ability to start the production of the melanin inside the body to guard the skin against sun rays. As it doesn’t cause the production of skin-darkening cells, it gives no safety against the Sun. Therefore, it’s very important to put on some sunscreen each day before going out.

It Is Very Safe

The kind of damage done by the Sun is well-documented by the skin specialists and scientists. With the use of self-tanners, it is feasible to achieve a great looking tan without having to expose yourself to the Sun.

Total Duration

Generally, tanning which happens with the help of a tanning product can last for a few weeks, pertaining to the intensity with which the skin is cared for and exfoliated.

Essentially, tanning products used for a fake bake are fantastic to get a wonderful looking tan. But, it’s very important to make use of a lotion from a genuine company. Using cheap products can injure the skin permanently. SABUNG AYAM