Using A Widescreen Projector With A Home Theater System

If you are interested in setting up a home theater system, a widescreen projector along with other audio and visual equipment will get you started in the right direction. It will be up to you to decide how big you want to go with your system. For instance, you could just set up a DVD player and have it played through a stereo system with a large television set. If you want something much bigger, you could make your whole room wired with tons of equipment with multiple speakers and a wide projection screen. There are many ways you can set up your home entertainment. Lets take a look at what a home theater system is all about.

First of all, what we are trying to achieve is getting the same sound and picture like the movie theaters or at least close to it. Most theaters have two or three huge amplifiers located in different spots in the room. Also, there are numerous satellite speakers throughout the theater. There are sound editors that will separate the sound up to six channels where people will hear the audio from different areas of the room. It is really a neat process in order to make a great sound. Some movie theaters can take a HD movie onto a huge screen which is wider than it is tall to make it fit so that it looks really real.

If you take all of those things, there are ways to get that movie like feel into your home. With the DVD player, you are able to take the audio track and separate it up to five channels. You will find most of the time that DVD films are set up having 2.0 dolby stereo with 5.1 surround sound for your system. You will be able to set up two speakers for stereo sound and a speaker in the center for the surround sound plus much more. Finally, when it comes to a picture screen, this is entirely up to you and what can fit in your room. The widescreen projector should be at least a 16:9 ratio. Some people will even hire a professional to install their whole room to enjoy watching movies all the time in their own house.

Take the time to thoroughly search for your home entertainment center. There will be many manufacturers, models, sizes and prices for you to consider. Take notice of the size of your room and what equipment will work with it. In any case, see if a widescreen projector will work with a home theater system to enhance the picture. SABUNG AYAM