Using eBay Auctions to Generate Website Visitors.

Most people don’t realise you can use eBay to build your mailing list, this is something I have been doing for years and as long as you obey eBay’s rules you will have no problems.

You can list an item on eBay for as little as 20 cents. So it’s logical to think if you can capture only one subscriber from that listing that it is money well spent.

To do this is not very hard if you do things right. First of all eBay don’t allow external links from your auctions unless it’s something related to the product you are selling. But eBay do allow you to link to your eBay store and about me page. And from your about me page you are allowed to link to your own websites, you are also allowed to add a subscriber opt-in form. EBay don’t have a problem with this. So this is the process you need to follow:

Get visitor to your auction > Get visitor to your about me page > Get visitor to give you their email address or visit one of your websites.

When someone visits one of my auctions they will generally do one of 6 things.

1. Buy the item. If they buy the item that is brilliant as I get the chance to up-sell and capture their email address via bonus items offered after the sale. All I do is offer bonus products in exchange for an email address. I also offer higher priced related items here.

2. Visit my eBay store. If they visit my eBay store it’s looking good as they may visit multiple auctions. Each time considering visiting my about me page or buying something from me.

3. Visit my about me page. If they visit my about me page I now have the chance to capture their email address. I am hoping they either visit one of my websites or sign up for my email course. If you can do that with one visitor for each auction you run you would be adding new subscribers to your list for as little as 20 cents each.

4. View my feedback. If this happens I am now being ‘checked out’ and this should result in the visitor browsing, maybe checking out my store, about me page or other listings.

5. Ask me a question. If this happens I have usually made a sale. I just be polite and answer the question. I also have a signature in my email that offers another product or service.

6. Leave the page. This is the only option I don’t want. As long as this does not happen I am in business.

Hopefully this info should allow you to take advantage of eBay’s massive traffic and start building leads of your own. The key is to try and get someone to your about me page. If you can do that you will soon be building a huge mailing list. Just be sure to stick to eBay’s rules. SABUNG AYAM