Utilize safe packaging for chicken and be healthy!

There is a saying in Hindi which says that the person is able to work only if he is healthy. This is a very deep statement which basically means that nothing is important than the health and it is the only thing which people are neglecting. They are focusing more on their work and money but in that they are forgetting about their own health. However, now people are getting more towards the intake of non vegetarian food because it is the best source through which they can extract more of nutrition and proteins.

The food which most of the non vegetarian people prefer to take is the chicken and the reason behind it is not only because of its amazing taste but also due to its high nutritive values and protein content. The chicken is mainly sold as fresh in the farm or from the dealer. However there are very few such places where such farms are available from where the people can easily buy the fresh chicken. In such places the chicken is packed in especially made chicken bags which are mainly used for its packaging. The chicken bags are mainly made up of tough plastic material which can easily resist its heavy weight and can be easily transported. However, for the local transport such simple bags can be used but if we are talking about the long distance or miles transport then the practice is little different. Then the chicken bags are modified to a sealed and vacuumed design which can be very helpful to the material packed inside. This not only protects the chicken from getting oxidized but also makes the transportation very easier.

The packaging people are making the especially designed bags for each material looking at its properties and usage. However, when we are talking about the meat packaging bags then the very first thing which comes to our mind is tough. They are made tough and very resistant so that they can easily resist its heavy weight and along with that they are made using the material which does not affect its taste of texture. Plastic material being inert is being used widely and along with that foils are also being used for the same purpose. The meat packaging bags are made for the purpose that they can be made available to the people very easily. However, the misconception in the mind of the people regarding its nutritive values but that thing is also being cleared with time and now people are having complete trust on the packaging people.
Sabung Ayam
DreamWorks Animation’s “Chicken Run”

They are prisoners trapped behind barbed wire, fearing for their very lives and dreaming only of the outside world. Every escape attempt is thwarted, and the ringleader tossed into solitary to do hard time. But this is no ordinary prison…and these are no ordinary jailbirds. They’re the inmates at Tweedy’s Egg Farm, where any chicken who doesn’t put breakfast on the table can wind up as dinner. But Ginger and her fellow flock are determined to break out before they meet a “fowl” fate. Time is running out as the greedy owner of the farm, Mrs. Tweedy, finds a new way to feather her own nest turning chickens into chicken pies. Now, with the help of Rocky, “the lone free ranger,” the chickens hatch their most spectacular plan to fly the coop in our story of poultry in motion “Chicken Run”.

Cast: Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha and Miranda Richardson head the voice cast, which also includes Jane Horrocks, Lynn Ferguson, Imelda Staunton, Benjamin Whitrow, Tony Haygarth, Timothy Spall and Phil Daniels

Sabung Ayam