Vacation Rentals – Different From Time Share?

Oh yes! The vacation rental is a furnished single-family home (villa), apartment, condominium, cottage, beach-house or cabin that is owned by a third party. A time-shares is real estate that is owned by multiple owners, and each have all the responsibilities of property owners (property taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.). The rights list is shorter. Owners have the right to live in the property a contractually agreed upon number of weeks each year. Theoretically, a property could have 52 owners, each entitled to one week’s residence per year, but only at the time stipulated in the contractual agreement reached at the time of sale.

All right, we should think about this a minute. Why would I want the responsibilities of ownership encroaching my vacation? A vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Why would I want to purchase a vacation home that I can only use at a specific time of the year? After all, I may not be in a position to vacation at a pre-determined time each year. What if I can’t afford to take a vacation one year? I have to pay for at least the accommodations part of it anyway! What if I want to vacation somewhere else? Well maybe I can, if I have entered yet another complex swap agreement. Maybe this time-share thing isn’t for me.

Well if that is your conclusion, you join many thousands of your fellow travelers who have opted for the vacation rental. Vacation rentals give you the maximum degree of flexibility when making your travel and vacation plans. Choose when you want to go, choose where you want go to and choose what you want to pay.

Hold on a minute! I could accomplish the same thing by renting a hotel room! Well…maybe I could. Let’s think about that. I have a wife and three kids. That’s five mouths to feed! We can’t cook in a hotel room. It will be expensive eating out three times a day! Wait a minute! I can’t get a “room”; there are five of us. We’ll need a suite. That’s expensive, and we still have to take our meals out. Okay, this vacation rental is really beginning to sound good.

In fact, it is good, better than good. You can have more space, more amenities, and more choices for your leisure time. You’ll have more fun too! Chances are you’ll save money by opting for the vacation rental. No tips, taxes or surcharges to pay. You can take your meals in and maintain the option to eat out. Are there negatives? Certainly!

You may be out of your comfort zone arranging accommodations directly with the property owner. You may have concerns about being unfamiliar with the property. You may be hesitant about quality, about cleanliness or lack of on-site staff. Legitimate concerns to be sure. If you are uncomfortable dealing directly with the property owner, there are vacation rental agencies that manage vacation properties for owners. They can also put you at ease with the other concerns mentioned. You will probably pay a little more than if you dealt directly, but who can put a price tag on peace of mind?

I’d like to share a final thought. If you are one of those travelers who really wants the advantage of sampling what life is truly like for the locals, the vacation rental has no equal.
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