Vacation Rentals – The Best Way to Get Away!

The vacation rental is an excellent option for the vacationing family. It is a superior option for families and groups. I say this, because the vacation rental allows a much lower per person cost for accommodations and meals.

I can illustrate this by detailing the following account of my vacation in the island paradise of Boracay, Philippines.

I won’t bore you with travel arrangements; that is to say, the “getting there” part. I will focus on the vacation rental details. My college friends and I are avid sun worshipers and “wanna be” beach bums. We readily agreed that Boracay would be an excellent choice. Famous for it’s beautiful white sand beaches, snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, jet skiing, diving, windsurfing, sailing, and sightseeing, we knew that we would have a spectacular time! The island of Boracay is just an inexpensive, short flight from Manila. We could explore the “Pearl of the Orient” any time we liked.

So how exactly did four “beach bums” arrive at the decision to rent a vacation home? Research! Research! Research! Accommodations can often be the most costly element of your vacation. If you can hold down costs on accommodations and food, you can travel farther and remain longer at your chosen destination. Those were our goals. An exotic destination and the longest stay possible. The third variable is transportation. You can watch for “specials” on airfares but it is unlikely that you can coordinate these with your scheduled vacation time and find accommodations in a timely manner. Your best bet for cost control lies in the area of accommodations and food.

That said, we began to explore the cost of hotel rooms in Boracay. We knew we wanted something beachfront, cable TV and Internet.

We located a resort hotel in Boracay that met all our requirements, at a cost of $ 760.00 per night for the four of us in two rooms. That is $ 190.00 per night, per person. This does not include food, gratuities or laundry. Our next step was to consider the vacation rental option. Clearly, we needed to reduce the cost of our stay from $ 190.00 plus!

We quickly located the perfect vacation rental at a cost of $ 257.00 per night, which works out to $ 64.25 per night, per person. Even better, we have our own kitchen, a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and we would all be together. We had, effectively, reduced the cost of our accommodations by more than $ 125.00 per person, per night! This doesn’t even take into account the money we will save by preparing our own meals, snacks and drinks! Moreover, we will be able to handle our laundry needs at greatly reduced costs.

The structured atmosphere, inherent in hotel accommodations, is eliminated by the vacation rental concept. You feel like you are home. Come and go as you please. Eat when you please. No tipping, no waiting for towels, soap, and clean linens! No concerns about where to get a good snack when you wake up hungry in the middle of the night. The advantages of the vacation rental go on and on.
Sabung Ayam
House Hunters International Bali 2011 ~ part 1 ~

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Sabung Ayam