Variable Quality Yuba No “regulation” Is Difficult As Radius – Yuba, Opp, Vantage – The

Because there is no uniform national standards, corporate standards by self-production, resulting in uneven product quality, market

In the “purchase hot, decorated hot” extension under the influence of Yuba has become an essential decoration bathroom products. However, along with the Yuba’s hot, quality problems are becoming a focus. “Norm” of varying quality loss is considered the chief culprit.

Poor quality of many complaints

Recently, “Market News” reporter to Beijing to investigate several major electronics store, Yuba brands are opp, Folk, Vantage, and distinctly so, the price from 200 to 800 dollars. According to sales description: “The current best selling Diop, Folk also good quality are guaranteed, of course, your prices are better than other brands of around 100 to 200 yuan.”

Reporter learned from relevant departments, in the Yuba quality complaints, more quality security, such as heating lamp explosion, motor disturbances. Quality Inspection Department of the Yuba product testing shows that the quality problem mainly for the ground terminal, signs, electric strength, internal cabling and so fail to meet requirements.

According to industry sources, a safety index of infrared heating lamps pass the price should be 50 or more, electrical and other authentic accessories are usually around 150 yuan, and profits of manufacturers in at least 50 yuan. This calculation, a 4 bulb Yuba prices are at least about 500 yuan, and the function of the number according to the price may rise. Therefore, the market appears significantly lower than the cost price of Yuba, their performance and quality more likely to remain uncertain.

“Norm” missing their own way

According to report, there are more than 370 Yuba producers, mostly small and medium enterprises. Yuba to enter the market over a decade there has been no relevant national standards are in accordance with the manufacturer to perform their own production standards, the enterprise, the “help rules.”

Reporter learned from the industry, “helping regulation” are the production enterprise in accordance with their respective requirements for the development set, some enterprises have a high standard, more stringent; some enterprises is relatively low standard, this causes the product performance and quality appear more Big difference. Some small and medium used in the production of poor quality raw materials, such as heating lamps using soft glass but did not use hard quartz and glass. So that it will reduce the cost, while soft glass case of cold explosive, security is low. The cost of using oil-bearing motor is half the ball, but after a period of failure in the use frequently. Industry consensus is that there is no uniform national standard of Yuba that “norm”, is caused by uneven quality of products currently on the market, the main reason for poor security.

The capital of a electronics store managers to “Market News” the reporter said: “The current market presents Yuba high-profile, low-penetration phenomenon, also mainly due to the quality of good and bad, security is not high due. Known Yuba brand, also opp, Folk 32, while the prices are generally well-known brands in the 800 to 1000 yuan or so, with the market chain to brand image and price less flexible; stores and building materials markets although the price flexibility Some, but consumers do not trust their quality and service, so few people buy. “

“Market News” reporter has learned that the current national quality inspection department of Yuba for detection, in accordance with the “household and similar electrical appliances General Requirements” and “Household and similar electrical appliances Particular room heaters requirements “, but the problem is, they are on the reference standard safety technology, not dedicated to Yuba industry standards, but also the lack of unified technical specifications and performance standards.

“Norm” introduced the industry reshuffle

2006 5 25, the State Standards Committee decided to take the lead in drafting electrical Hangzhou opp “bathroom electric heating appliances SABUNG AYAM