ranthambore tiger reserve is the place to be for all wild life lovers. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations of Rajasthan. Most of the tourists throng to be part of the Indian Tiger Tour. Ranthambore is a large forest which has been converted to a National Park and Tiger Reserve to protect the Tigers from poaching and extinction. Ranthambore is famous for its Tigers. Apart from tigers there are number of other wild animals like Leopard, Caracal, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, marsh Crocodiles, Wild Boar, Bears , Chital, Spotted Deer, Samba Deer. One would find various species of birds and Langoors too. Banyan trees in huge numbers are found across all parts of the forest. Other attractions of the park include Bakula a water park where the animals come down to cool themselves in peak summers, Kachida Valley which is rocky and has low hills, Lakardha and Ananthpura, ideal places to find sloth bears, Adam Talao a very big lake in the middle of the forest and Raj Bagh lake and ruins which are reminisces of the Kings and Queens era of Rajasthan.

Ranthambore is always a major attraction in any Rajasthan wild life tours as the visitors get to see a variety of wild animals at close quarters in their natural habitat. For this reason Ranthambore tour with Rajasthan is the top of the charts for all the wild life enthusiasts and photographers. Ranthambore was one of the favorite hunting grounds for the Rajputs of Rajasthan too. Usually visitors to the park spend hours admiring the tigers and other wild animals roaming around freely, hunting for food and water, running and playing with their mates, nursing the little ones.

Ranthambore is a huge National Park which is spread across 1, 344 sq km. About one third of the park is opened up for the tourists. . To manage the crowd and not disturb the animals, the whole park is divided into zones and only a few vehicles are allowed in each zone at any point of time. Each zone has different landscape and it’s amazing to see so many varieties of trees and plants and animals in a single forest. This makes every zone a must visit area. The Government provides gypsies and canters for the tourists to go on safaris around the park. These vehicles have pick and drop off facilities at the hotels. There is a forest in charge in every vehicle to the answer the queries and ensure the safety of the visitors. There are excellent boarding and lodging facilities near the park. There are resorts very close to the jungle for those who want to experience staying in the wild. Others who want calm, quiet and yet safe place could stay at Swai Madhavpor which the town closest to Ranthambore.

Ranthambore National Park is open most part of the year except in the months from July 1st to September 30th as the forest would be filled with rain water. In the months from October to February the weather would be very pleasant and there would be lots of greens cover in the forests. From March to June, the heat would be unbearable; the green cover disappears so it is very easy to spot the tigers. During these months, people get to see the shy animals like leopards and bears too.

The nearest station to Ranthambore is Swai Madhavpor and closest airport is Jaipur. At least couple of days is required to cover the park. The tour operators have number of packages to suit different palates. Some people just take up a Ranthambore Weekend tour where they take up one or two safaris while others take up a more elaborate ones spanning over a few days.

Ranthambore is a place to visit with family, single or with friends on a weekend or as a welcome break from the busy life of the city.