Vegetarian Diet and Postmenopausal Women – How it Helps Lose Weight and Improve Insulin Sensitivity

This article will tell you more about the Vegetarian Diet and Postmenopausal Women. This is a very interesting and useful topic to read because we will discuss how this program helps in losing weight and improve insulin sensitivity. You may also consider passing on the good news to your loved ones like your mothers who are at this stage now.

According to a recent pilot study in the American Journal of Medicine, vegetarian diet and postmenopausal women work well in bringing out optimum health for them and their loved ones. This is because with this kind of dietary plan, they are able to shed significant pounds and enhanced insulin sensitivity after they turned to eat only healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and wheat products. They stop eating meat and other dairy products that are only aggravating their obesity and ill conditions. The president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Neal Barnard together with his colleagues at Georgetown University Hospital and George Washington University devised the study with 59 participants. Half of them who were obese and postmenopausal engaged in a vegan way of eating. They introduced the remaining half to a controlled eating according to the National Cholesterol Education program guidelines.

The vegetarian diet and postmenopausal women group significantly lost weight while enjoying unlimited servings of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other healthy foods. One apparent reason why they did it is that they did not feel hungry with all healthy and fibrous foods that they had. Unlike other dietary plans, the vegan plan is simple and easy to adapt, which are ideal for those working people who rarely have time for their family and their health. You do not need to have the luxury of time to do the recipes because they are fast and easy. The vegetarian diet and postmenopausal women came across two major effects, which are weight loss and enhanced insulin sensitivity.