Vera Bradley Bags: As Irresistible As Caffe Lattes

Vera Bradley designer brand had frequently produced bohemian-style bags over the course of the years. All of these Vera Bradley designs are eye catching and effectively practical. Their patrons are all secured of high points on quality and fashion criteria for bags. And Vera Bradley designer brand had created added variety to their bohemian- themed with the Caffe Latte bags.

Just like a real cup of caffe latte, the Vera Bradley Caffe Latte handbags are as appealing as honey to the bees. As one design of the Vera Bradley pattern designs it is a little similar to the Bali Blue and Bali Gold designs. The Caffe Latte is has a bohemian themed patterns set against black colored fabric. Because the pattern in brown and white may be finely printed it may initially appear to be brown colored. If the pattern is printed in large figures then the black will be more dominant.

Just like the other Vera Bradley patterned bags, the Caffe Latte line is produced in different kinds of bags with many different designs. There are Caffe Latte lunch bags, cosmetic bags, pencil pouches and garment bags. Because they are made in various sizes they are highly functional and can cater to a lot more different needs. It also has the standard zipper closure for Vera Bradley patter bags.

There is one particular make of the Caffe Latte that is no longer being produced as part of this Vera Bradley line. This is the Caffe Latte Tall Zip Tote Bag. This is a rare design these days and finding it will be a pleasure indeed.

The Caffe Latte Tall Zip Tote can be used for a lot of things because of its size and carrying capacity. It is large enough to accommodate a laptop (12 x 14 x 3 inches) so it can be used as a laptop case. The thick and cushioning fabric of the Caffe Latte also adds to credibility to this purpose. It can also be used for school as a book bag. Working women may find it useful as a stylish case for important papers and personal gadgets like cell phones, ipods, and indeed a laptop.

The Tall Zip Tote bag is also great for simple everyday use. It is casual and can easily blend with a casual everyday outfit. It has numerous convenient pockets like two large zipped pockets, one in the interior and one exterior, and five smaller pockets, two of which have magnetic flap covers. These are very useful in segregating one’s possessions inside the bag. With an 11-inch strap drop, the heaviness of the load won’t be easily felt on the shoulder.
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