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Bsquare is the major e-commerce internet site improvement firm in Delhi which gives the hugely customized e-commerce website options to its buyers, delivering an straightforward to navigate, eye-catching searching and functional e-commerce portal. Bsquare is recognized for supplying the greatest in time e-commerce site improvement service in Delhi.
Rewards of E-commerce site improvement :
Low Operational Expenses: You never require to invest a lot of capital in order to start your online shop and this quantity is a lot lesser than the investment needed for beginning a physical retailer. Also, when you begin the physical retailer. E-commerce internet site development service do not require so significantly investment and you also do not employ a lot of personnel as most of the solutions are fully automated.
Effortlessly manage and handle your on the internet platform: We are major E-commerce improvement business in Delhi and we offer E- commerce website improvement with which our users can easily manage their sites with the easy controls and panels that we supply. Our simple add on features
Much better Expense Benefit: With the E-commerce web site improvement services we guarantee that our clientele get the price positive aspects as it help them to manage their own E-commerce platform without hiring the services.
Greater scalability and cost advantage: With the E-commerce computer software solutions and E-commerce site development services we make sure that our client need to get the price benefit as it helps them to handle their own E-commerce platform what hiring the service from the third party to continually handle their E-commerce platform.
It provides you an edge more than other folks: Bsquare resolution is the major E-commerce development firm in Delhi and our specialized and tailored E-commerce internet site services and the entire package that we offer to our clients provides them an over others.
Effortless to Enter the Market: The good e-commerce web site and the Search engine optimisation approaches ensures that you can enter and stay in the market. There are no barriers and licenses as such and hence a much better selection that a physical retailer.
E-commerce solutions are supplied by the e-commerce web site improvement organization and when searching for one makes that you go for the firm that has only seasoned developers.
Being the major service provider, Bsquare specializes in building the purchasing website for different enterprise genres and designing, portals, according to person requirements and needs of the diverse customers.
Our e-commerce website also incorporate Payment Gateway Integration. We 1st realize the compatibility between the website/shopping cart computer software and the kind of gateways. As the third celebration computer software, we create the web shop for handling the ordering the page, code for transferring payment data to the gateway.
As a single of the best custom e-commerce designing service provider in Delhi, we are exploring the innovative techniques of transforming the enterprise into international entities with the competitive e-commerce web site that support them overcome the limitations of physical place, communication, costs, inventory management, operations, payment modes and human sources. Bsquare offers the greatest e-commerce improvement service in Delhi.
Yaar e Bewafa – Episode five | Har Pal Geo

Yaar e Bewafa – Episode #EPS | HAR PAL GEO
Desires! Every human heart is operating behind to catch its wishes and achieve betterment in life. Drama serial “Yaar-e-Bewafa” is also focusing on the issue that how selfish a particular person can behave, when they get a tiny hope for the greater future, even they overlook their present belongings and relationships. This play revolves about two various households which will connect each and every other with the progression of events. Hamza is living with his mother, wife and a son. His mother raises him with lots of sufferings and issues after the death of his father. She produced confident about his high quality research despite their economic troubles. Hamza met his wife (Nimra) in university and they fall in love with every single other. Nimra belongs to a rich household whilst Hamza is just a white collar guy. Nimra’s parent opposes her under standard decision and discontinues their connection with her soon after wedding.
Another dimension of the play is Saleem’s family, who live with his wife (Amna) and a son. He is sort of brief-tempered, truculent and operates in a chemical factory. Once he gets ill and following a comprehensive diagnosis, shocking news reveals that he is suffering from lungs cancer. Now Amna faces monetary crises due to Saleem’s illness. The fate brings an additional lady in Hamza’s life following the departure of Nimra. They each develop strong bonding, affection and soft corner for each other. Nimra who is busy in collecting materialistic happiness for her close ones, appears like she is losing them forever.
Written by: Mohsin Ali
Directed by: Zeeshan Ahmed
Production House: Showcase Production’s
Cast : Imran Abbas Saleem Mairaj, Saad Fareedi, Mehboob Sultan, Farah Zeba, Faisal Bali, Ikhyar Khan, Areej Fatima, Samina Ahmed, Tahir Jatao, Haneef Bachan, Surooj Afaq, Sharjeel Khan, Fida Daar, Sarah Khan, Ray Khan, Birjess Farooqui, Munnazah Motiwala, Syed Sajid, Dr. Kashif Malik, Bawa Jee, Falak Shahzad, Aaliyan Wasiq.