Vibram Five Fingers – New shoes to walk barefoot to provide other


They are called “crocodile news,” but , the graduate students in biology, said the Vibram Five Fingers “, but much better.” “On top of that they look a little less stupid, they are more comfortable than the crocodile,” said Lounsberry. Vibram five fingers is a separate section for each toe socks feet like everyone to wear in the 90s, rubber-looking shoes.

“As regards the values of fashion, they get much attention,” said Lounsberry. “They are still new to many people, a bit odd looking, so almost anywhere, I went to wear it, people will Comments. In fact, I like their look. ” High fashion is considered a sale of any property, the main advantage Vibram Five Fingers is their supposed health benefits. “We’re actually a book – I think this is called” running barefoot – and it does not talk about people wearing shoes, “said Andrea Leggett, a graduate student in geology, which bought Double Vibram read the book.


“When you wear shoes, you step heel to toe, but when you’re barefoot or wearing your fingers, your feet will get is a lot better for the knees and hips And you’re back, “she said.

However, all experts agree that the real Vibram five fingers to provide all the physical benefits, claims the company. David Dzewaltowski, Department of Kinesiology he said, he wondered about the effect of fitness of these shoes. “I mean, the question is:” Do not have a lot of padding and stuffing biomechanical running shoe design – like running barefoot back is not good “Dzewaltowski said. Dzewaltowski said that although he enjoys running and studies, kinesiology, and it is not to run barefoot in the field of experts.

Legg said that whatever the views of others in choosing Vibram slippery in the morning simply because of how they make him feel. “Sometimes when I wear shoes of others, my feet hurt, but its just feel much better,” she said. “There are many different types and styles of many, they are easily handled -. You can put them in Machine wash. “


Leggett and Lounsberry said they intend to continue wearing their Vibram five fingers down, if they are to run, walk or just spend time in class. “I just wish more people started to wear them, they are not new, no, I can go to the bar was afraid,” said Lounsberry. “But in general, they are spectacular, I’ll buy more The future. “


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