Victory Monument – A Tower of Energy

Unlike most other monuments erected to commemorate war victories, the Victory Monument is not traditionally Thai in its style or style. It has a stubborn Western flavor and stands tall at a heavy intersection Northeast of the Thai capital, Bangkok.

The triumph of the Thai troops over the French in a quest to make certain the territorial integrity of not only Thailand but also of Cambodia and Laos was manifested by way of this tribute. Although the war was short and resulted in minimal damage the top Thai military personnel wished to commemorate it, and the structure was constructed inside a couple of months of victory in the year 1941.

The marker itself is dull in its hues and resembles the blade of a sword. The point of the blade is towards the sky, providing it an aura of heroism. About the base, upon a platform are five soldiers looking out to defend the nation from further invasions or attacks. The 5 soldiers symbolize the army, navy, air force, police and civilian bureaucracy. The foot of the monument is surrounded by a bit of greenery and a couple of flags of the state.

However, considerably controversy surrounded the building as the Thai had to surrender the places captured by them in the Thai – French War in the year 1945. In the course of the Pacific War, Thailand lost control of the land mass and the monument became a lead to of humiliation. Yet, its significance never dulled and still remains a significantly talked of landmark in the country.

Around the monument, it is company as usual skyscrapers reach out to the heavens, peddlers vend their goods and buses whizz by producing it really convenient to commute to and from the memorial. There is no solemnity in the air as may well be expected.

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