Video Blogging – 3 Ways to Improve Your Vlog With a Webcam

Small businesses can use many effective ways to get their video presence on the Internet, one of which is to sign up with a video sharing website like Youtube and to create a vblog, which is a video version of your text blog. This is to provide essential information to customers. With a video blog, anyone in your company can interact with customers by providing industry news as well as notification of events.


With most Macbooks and Notebooks PCs that are currently on the market, many are bundled with a webcam, internal microphone and video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, on the Windows XP or Windows 7 platform, or Imovie in the ILife software suite on a new Apple laptop. If your laptop or desktop was not bundled with a webcam, there are many inexpensive webcams available online that range in prices as low as $ 10.00 to as high as $ 100.00. With these tools, you can create quick and easily produced video content for your small business.


Three situations when a webcam is an easy and inexpensive tool to use are:


1) Reporting From the Road and Special Events

When you are attending a trade show, conference, seminar or similar event you can provide valuable real-time information to your clients or customers by broadcasting from the event. With your webcam and laptop in tow, you can record your video at the event and upload your video later or YouTube enables you to upload your video directly from your Webcam with it’s Capture feature. This provides fresh and up-to-date content for your clients.


2) Responding to Customer Service Issues

When you have a customer problem or issue, you can use a webcam video to address the issue immediately and prevent the potential of bad PR. This would allow you to get on top of the problem rather than waiting in order to get a professional video produced and edited. This more personal and immediate approach might go a long way in reducing the negative consequences of customer service problems.


3) Capturing Customer Testimonials

Why not encourage video feedback from your best customers or clients? You can have them give a short testimonial on their laptop about your outstanding product or service, have them send it to you and then post it on your video sharing site or vlog with minor edits. Of course, you would need to make sure all the legal issues are addressed before you post their video. Using a webcam in this manner is a powerful way to provide credibility to your product or service.


As a matter of fact this is such vital way of communicating with others that in May of 2010, YouTube integrated the ability to use a feature called Google Moderator into every single YouTube channel. Moderator is a versatile, social platform very much like a vlog that allows you to solicit ideas or questions on any topic, and have the YouTube community vote the best ones up to the top in real-time. Don’t forget that you can post the video you have just created and uploaded to your own website!