Video: Emeishan Quarry Collapse In A Weak Signal Detectors – Emei Mountain Quarry Collapse, Rescue

According to Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News at 1:50 p.m. on the April 7 about the town of Emei City music are down the river outside the quarry boundary mountain collapse, volume collapse of about 25 million cubic meters, according to preliminary investigation, 14 people, 9 cars and an excavator was buried, of which nine pilots, five mine workers. After the accident, Sichuan Province, Leshan, Emeishan City and other departments at all levels of leadership to lead the rescue team to the scene immediately started rescue. At present, the People’s Liberation Army, armed police, public security, Fire , Militia and reserve forces, health, safety supervision, land, electricity, mine rescue teams, communications departments and more than 1,000 rescue workers and a variety of rescue vehicles, machinery and equipment hundreds of rescue work has been carried out in the field, racing against time to be buried rescue personnel, Expert Group is on the cause of the accident and the nature of the investigation.

Mirror in debris avalanche Drivers drilled in the glass before clogging

4 7 1 50 left and right, the driver Wu Yuejian mountain collapsed in the moment dead Escape .

Quarry down the river from the Emeishan City about 20 km bumpy mountain road leading to the quarry. Standing outside the warning line, 36-year-old Wu Yuejian wet eyes tears several times. Eat just talk and laugh together also brothers, ah, ye had no sign of blink?

Wuyue Jian is the town of Shun Village music are people who have pulled down the river quarry mining in 2056 was. Recalled the scene at that time, Wu Yuejian of fear. At noon yesterday, including his, and Li Ping, including more than 20 food groups in the quarry, after lunch, hear the blast Company Blasting, they drove as usual, waiting to go pull mine. Waiting for the process, some truck drivers get off chat, Wu Yuejian is sitting in his truck cab Sichuan L16457. Suddenly, he had seen from the mirror, start to fall off the quarry ore, ore under an avalanche-like collapse moment the truck pushed forward, “the cab almost instantaneously squeezed flat, and I was in the block Wind glass Explosion Drilling out of the moment. “Wuyue Jian said,” I also gave up other people to see, and came out scratching and scrambling. “And Wu Yuejian go back, in addition to several of his lucky escape as the driver and quarry workers, the other nine vehicles and drivers are all buried in the thick of the ore under.

Shaken Wu Yuejian trembling wife dial the telephone: “mine accident, and I crawled out. Quick to inform Li Ping’s wife.” Wuyue Jian, said Li Ping, and his 42-year-old, like the quarry down the river at La Mine up to five or six years, the same experience for the two become good friends. “Noon meal, Li Ping said that the evening finished pull mine to go to his sister’s house for dinner. Now, maybe he never will not go up.”

Master Hanfu An introduction, according to food groups, these drivers usually pull mine are eating in the mess, 3 yuan meal, a dirty one element, yesterday afternoon, 20 people sitting together, eating Korean master The lettuce fried meat and vegetable gourd children, a few minutes after lunch, the mountain collapsed.

According to site statistics, such as Wu Yuejian lucky escape as 10 people, preliminary statistics, 14 people were buried, of which 9 are at the scene waiting for a big shipment of ore truck driver, five were operating personnel mines on , including a Security Members. SABUNG AYAM