View From The Top Of Dubai Hotel

Rarely you meet a person at the very top of their profession, person who very easy animates and motivates others to strive for perfection and realise understand purposes. But Amadeo Zarzosa, general manager at Dubai’s Atlantis, The Palm (Dubai hotel), is that person.

Oozing charm, sophistication and more than three decades of hospitality experience, the Spanish supervisor is a force to be reckoned with, heading one of the emirates newest and unique Dubai hotels.

Despite scaling such giddy heights, when Zarzosa started as an apprentice chef at the Savoy hotel in London, he was surprisingly uncomfortable with his career of choice. “I arrived in this big kitchen and for a 16-year-old new to the industry, it was frightening. The job also became tedious and hard work, endlessly chopping garlic and parsley, and washing pots and pans,” he recounts. “Having travelled extensively with my parents as a child and having seen the glamour and excitement of the industry, I thought I would love the work, but when I started, I thought, ‘What have I done?'” Fortunately, the young kitchen hand excelled at his job, earning respect for his culinary skills and outstanding leadership. He quickly worked his way up the career ladder becoming executive chef and working in far-flung destinations such as Mexico, Australia, the USA and Bermuda. He also worked on the prestigious QE2, now permanently berthed in Dubai and set to become a floating hotel.

Sometimes, even Zarzosa was surprised by how quick he rose to the top, remembering how an interview in Australia took him absolutely by surprise. “I was asked to consider a move to a new Sheraton hotel in Queensland,” he says. “I thought I was being approached for the executive chef’s position but when I visited the hotel and talked to the general manager, I understood that it was for F&B director. I was too embarrassed to admit I so just accepted the position and thought, “Oh my God, how am I going to do this!”

In a while, before moving to the Sheraton Perth as hotel manager he became resident manager at the same hotel . This was followed by the Sheraton Bal Harbour in Miami as hotel manager and later to the Paradise Island in the Bahamas as general manager of Atlantis Bahamas Coral & Beach Towers at Atlantis. With great invaluable international hospitality experience, Zarzosa was perfectly placed for a move to Bali where in 2003 he became regional general manager for InterContinental Resorts Southern Asia and general manager of the InterContinental Resort Bali.
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