Virat Kohli Property Fashionable, lavish and trendy

Punjabi boy

Virat Kohli who is recognized of his fashionable trendy outfits and bikes is a Punjabi by heart and like many Punjabis loves a lavishly large house which is spacious and in a grand manner. Virat Kohli house is in Uttam Nagar, a single of the posh locations of Delhi where many celebrities live. Paschim Vihar in Delhi where Virat resides is a prime area where this cricketer did his studies. His residence is each lavish and carried out with beautiful interiors. The interiors go with his trendy taste with gorgeous designs.

For every Indian, a spacious home of own is a dream come correct, specially with soaring real estate rates in the metros. But Virat Kohli accomplished this uncommon dream at a very young age, thanks to his cricketing capabilities and brilliant investment.

Spacious Home

Virat Kohli residence has a large hall, his room where he relaxes with his pet and a spacious kitchen. The Kitchen is lovingly taken care of by his Mother who is a wonderful host treating her guests with great Punjabi dishes. When not on tournaments, Virat prefers to invest his spare time with his dog and relaxes with his family members. Even though he is not fond of cooking, Virat prefers to help his mother in cooking whenever he finds time.

News on Virat’s residence

Recently, Virat Kohli house was in news for all wrong reasons, this young cricketer apart from getting an International cricket player is also heading the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL season 7. This group of Royal challengers is owned by none other than Vijay Mallya, owner of beleaguered airlines – Kingfisher. The staff of this airlines staged protest outside Virat’s house demanding that he methods down as the captain of the IPL team. They argue that Mr Mallya has actually thrown them out of livelihoods by grounding the airlines, with out providing salaries for months. On the other hand, this businessman went ahead and is enjoying life by investing in Formula1 and in much more profitable company of IPL season 7. The anger of the personnel was a noisy protest outdoors Virat Kohli’s property is Delhi.


This young lad who was camera shy started being conscious of the media and poses only when he is truly prepared for a photoshoot. But, there is a drastic modify when Virat Kohli Property interior photos had been identified on the net. The fan club was awestruck when Virat posed blissfully in his tee and shots hugging his pet dog. While some have been concentrating on interior styles, others were questioning if Virat will ever pose just before the camera without looking at the lens.

A tete-a-tete with a photographer revealed that he did not have to coax this cricketer considerably to pose in the kitchen. The modular kitchen interiors had been gracefully created with a private touch of his mother. Virat was also seen assisting his mother in the kitchen.

Going inside additional, it appears like Virat Kohli Home interior designer took added care to adorn his personal area to suit the mood of the cricketer. He spends more time in his personal area playing music and the walls are adorned with images of his childhood.
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