Vitamin E and Its Ester Products – Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin E, for being a single type of crucial organic material in human physique in their life activities, is also 1 important active substance to preserve human match. As 1 essential series of merchandise in Chinese pharmaceutic sector, this merchandise has been 1 amongst the four largest exporting BPC with a variety of types and massive volume of export quantity.

Vitamin E has many various various types of associated items, including Vitamin e acetate 98% oil, Vitamin e acetate 50% powder, Vitamin e acetate 75% powder, Vitamin e acetate 15% powder. Here we will emphasize on the introduction of the Vitamin E Acetate.

Vitamin E Acetate, with the chemical name of Tocopheryl acetate, is one particular sort of common vitamin supplement, and it is the ester of acetic acid and tocopherol (vitamin E). And this product belongs to the Classification Code which incorporate Antioxidants Growth Substances Micronutrients Mutation information Protective Agents Reproductive Effect Vitamins. When you need to preserve it, it need to be stored in the cool, dry and nicely-ventilated spot.

The detailed information of Vitamin E Acetate are as under: Appearance: Powder Package:25kg/drum Storage: Store in dry locations and preserve away from sturdy direct light and heatTransportation: transport as the regulation of chemicals.

As to the application of Vitamin E Acetate, it has several usages. For one thing, this item could be applied as the dermatological merchandise such as skin creams, as it could rapidly scavenge lipid peroxyl free of charge radicals to stop it from reacting with other lipids. For one more issue, Vitamin E Acetate could boost the enzyme activity in the skin, stop free of charge radical induced skin harm, boost epithelisation of surface wounds and boost the moisturisation of the horny layer.

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