Vitamin E For Younger Skin And Wrinkle Prevention

Vitamin E may be applied topically, taken as a capsule, or eaten in specific foods.

Wrinkles are unsightly yet unavoidable as you age. Prevent wrinkles and don’t look as old by using Vitamin E. Here is a brief introduction on Vitamin E as a method of wrinkle prevention:

The things that make it an antioxidant

Preventing premature wrinkles is easy because of the antioxidant properties in alpha-tocopheryl Vitamin E. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that could damage your physical health. These free radicals are unbalanced and unstable molecules which may lead to the breakdown of body tissues, including the collagen on the dermis of your skin. A little quantum of free radicals is not dangerous but with the passing of years, these free radicals grow in number and may prove out to be harmful at that stage. Extended exposure to the sun also increases them. With vitamin E, these free radicals can be neutralized, thus protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful radiation and preventing the wrinkles that appear with age.

To take advantage of the benefits of Vitamin E, you can either apply Vitamin E oil to your skin, take capsule supplements, or eat foods rich in Vitamin E.

Oil from Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil is inexpensive and can be bougt in many pharmacies. You can apply the oil directly to the wrinkled part of your face, especially around the mouth and on the forehead. Cover your hands and feet with cotton gloves and socks if you want to put vitamin E on as this leads to better absorption. For maximum effect, the cream needs to be applied one or two times a week before bedtime. Heating mildly lightens the oil as it happens to be reasonably viscous and gluey. Other oils rich in vitamin E can be used, argan oil is a good example of this. Argan oil has indefinite benefits other than preventing from wrinkles and keeping the skin protected from sun exposure. Peppermint oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil or some other skin-rejuvenating oils can be mixed by you in order to have a relaxation bestowing as well as wrinkle-reduction bath.

Vitamin E capsules

You may consume a vitamin E supplement in capsule form as well. Because your body needs other nutrients to make the most of it, you should take it after you’ve eaten a whole meal. Be certain you don’t take iron with these supplements since iron decreases vitamin E absorption. Check with your physician to ascertain the correct dosage so that you do not develop any side effects from taking too much.

Foods that contain high levels of Vitamin E

Vitamin E levels are high in some foods and eating those is the best method to boost your level of this vitamin. These are inclusive of dark and leafy vegetables, broccoli, nuts such as almonds, olives, legumes, whole grains, milk, eggs, and organ meat. To stay healthy and beautiful through and through, enjoy these foods that are filled with nutrients (especially Vitamin E).

Vitamin E can be taken orally,as in powder form along with water and juices, as injections, Vitamin E tablets or as gels. If you take excessive amounts of Vitamin E, it may cause harm to your body. Please speak with your physician for dosing instructions, before beginning vitamin E supplements. SABUNG AYAM