Wage Gains Strong Under George Bush Despite Spin By The Left and The Media

Since President Bush took office, after-tax per capita personal income has increased more than 12.5 percent-an average of $ 3,750 per person.

These gains are in real terms, i.e. adjusted for inflation.

Per capita of course means every man woman and child.

This means the average couple now has $ 7,500 more real income since 2001. The average family of 3 has $ 11, 250. A family of 4 has $ 15,000.

These are very worthwhile gains over a period of less than 7 years.

Still there are those who deny or diminish these gains, yet are still believed by millions who will only believe what they want to believe.

Wage gains in the most recent months, show that during the 12 months ending August 2007, inflation adjusted wages have increased 2.2 percent. This is much higher than the average growth rate during the 1990s, and translates into an extra $ 1,266, for those 12 months, for a two wage-earner family.

What has the Mainstream Media and the Left had to say about this?
The Mainstream Media remains incredibly silent.

Democratic leaders and liberals everywhere have engaged in dishonest comments, spin and constant reference to the mythical term income inequality. As wage gains keep improving, since and because of, the Bush tax cuts, the Left keeps changing the subject.

First it was the jobless recovery, then the lack of wage gains. Now that those arguments have been dispelled, we have income inequality to go along with the perennial class warfare propaganda and lie, “tax cuts for the rich”

Income Inequality Should Be Labeled Persistence Inequality

Regarding that farcical, class warfare term, above, several days ago the U.S. Treasury released a highly expansive study, with a likely margin of error, of zero.

The study showed that 58% of workers in the lowest quintile in 1996, had moved into higher income categories by 2005; millions of those moved into the middle or upper middle income group and millions more into the top quintile.

The outcome was the same for those starting out in the second lowest quintile.

The richest 1% in 1996, experienced a loss of 25.8% of income by 2005, while the richest 10% saw the lowest percentage gains, just 10%, compared to the 24% gains to taxpayers in all income categories combined.

The lowest quintile saw their income rise 91% in the same period.

A recent study by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had almost identical results.

This study of over 97,000 tax returns, refutes, no destroys, in every aspect, the doom and gloom rhetoric of all Democrats including those running for president.

It shows also the total unreliability, laziness and liberal bias of the Mainstream Media, and why it should be exposed for what it really is.

Today’s young voters face a great challenge.

Getting the truth out about limited government, free markets, individual rights and persistence, takes much more effort than the easy and lazy, feel good, nanny-state redistribution scheme which enjoys a cover-up by the Media, most college professors and the Democrat Party.