With the continuing news images of drought in several parts of the USA, one would be forgiven for wondering why more wasn’t being done by state and municipal government to decrease the dependency of potable water for completing such tasks as toilet flushing, watering gardens and commercial property landscaping, and investing in what is commonly referred to as rainwater harvesting.

Gray water as it is known can be collected easily and efficiently with current technology and systems, however somewhere in the region of 99.9 percent of all rain water is allowed to run off, with little or no collection facilities anywhere in the United States.

Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA “Wahaso” is an industry leader developing and designing customized systems for harvesting and recycling rainwater, storm water and water from showers and sinks for non-potable (non drinking or consumption) reuse.

Business premises managers and owners can reduce the consumption (and waste) of millions of gallons of potable water each year – not only contributing to the sustainability of their businesses and communities, but also saving hundreds of dollars in the process on metered water systems.

Rainwater harvesting or rain harvesting is just another way of saying recycling rain water; and with future historians probably looking back on the early to middle part of the 21st century as a period in human history where oil reserves started to run dry, and the population of the planet growing to a near unsustainable level with millions unable to gain access to reliable and regular potable water supplies, even in so called ‘developed nations’, the need to set in place systems now, to prepare for the future has never been more paramount.

Rain water recovery, treatment and storage are the business of Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA “Wahaso”, and the company mission statement states “to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative sustainable water practices”.

Providing custom solutions nationally across the USA for rain harvesting systems, ideally when a new building is being designed, or designing custom set ups to recycle as much gray water as is feasibly possible, Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA “Wahaso” will liaise with architects, buildings managers and installation contractors and will provide detailed drawings and maintenance plans to keep the installed graywater recycling running and operating at maximum efficiency.

By tackling the future issues now before they start to adversely affect the population, Water Harvesting Solutions, DBA “Wahaso” actively preparing for what will be inevitable water shortages, if nothing is done to combat it, across the USA and the rest of the world

Rainwater harvesting is the way forward to help conserve current and future potable water supplies. For more information, log on to http://www.wahaso.com and start conserving tomorrow’s water supply today.