Waking Up Every Morning To The Samsung Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S will change the way you get up in the morning. No, we are not talking about the built in alarm clock almost all mobile phones have. That is old news. There is so much this phone has to offer. Whenever you wake up in the morning, it gives you a daily briefing.

Everything You Need On The Home Screen

Once the alarm is set off on the phone, everything you will need to be reminded of will be on the phone’s home screen. This way, you never miss out on what you have to do. There are so many things that you will see on the home screen.

Say Goodbye To Flipping Through Pages Of The Newspaper

This touch screen mobile phone makes newspapers a thing of the past. This phone will make you view the news you are most likely to read on the morning newspaper. You get to read things such as the weather forecast, the stock market, and the top headlines. You will definitely be better informed with this handy touch screen phone.

No More Commercials

Some of us switch on the television to see what is on the news. The problem with this is that it will take a lot of your time. There are too many commercials that get in the way of unfolding the news you want to see. This innovative mobile phone does not have annoying commercials. You get the news when you want it on the Samsung Galaxy S.

Say Goodbye To Booting Your PC

No matter how highly advanced your desktop or laptop may be, you will need to boot it up in order to visit your favorite website to get the news. Furthermore, what if there is a problem with your ISP or Wi-Fi connection? This will never be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S. You never have to wait for the phone to boot up. All you need to do is access the phone’s home screen.

Your Daily Schedule

It is easy to forget things on your schedule. Not all people have secretaries to remind them of what they have to do on a daily basis. This phone will be your personal secretary or assistant. It will remind you of what you have to do every day.

Calendar Notifications

We sometimes forget important dates on our calendars. Things like a friend’s birthday, a special occasion, or your anniversary. If you do this, you might end up hurting someone’s feelings. To avoid this, the phone will remind you of what is next on your calendar.

As you can see, there are more ways to wake up to this touch screen phone than just merely setting up the alarm. This is how you wake up every morning to the Samsung Galaxy S.