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Air conditioning Through the layers of selecting suppliers to become the world’s top player. Recently, the reporter learned from the Haier Group, Haier air conditioning with in product development, production,

Service And so on sustainability, green
Energy Environmental protection Made outstanding contributions to the area, was named 2009 Wal-Mart the most preferred supplier of sustainable development and, more importantly, in the Wal-Mart more than 20,000 global suppliers selected the six top suppliers, Haier air conditioning is the only supplier from China. According to sources, Wal-Mart in 2010 will further increase its cooperation with Haier air conditioning, purchase volume will increase 40% year on year.

By Financial Global energy crisis and the impact of environmental trends, the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart has accelerated the process of sustainable development of green, especially their distribution over a global supplier of 20,000 is raised higher requirements that emphasize the procurement of raw materials from suppliers to sell to consumers throughout the supply chain must reflect the social responsibility of environmental protection, sustainable development as a green supplier.

Haier air conditioning is preferred because it is doing it. It is understood that, since 2007, successfully entered the Wal-Mart to become one of the two brands has been the main push, Haier air conditioning to keep customers, provide sustainable green energy solutions, and has achieved great success. Its research and development in 2007 the U.S. market’s first use of the world’s most advanced new type of fluorine-free refrigerant R410A high energy efficiency windows machine just for a listing of the four No. 1 hit: the first use of new environmentally friendly refrigerants; United States energy efficiency windows machine first; into the world’s largest

Sell Channel?? Wal-Mart; with the highest standard retail prices. And based on more than the U.S. “

Energy Star “energy efficiency standards 12% higher, Haier air conditioning also received the United States up to 20% of the local government energy subsidies, including American Electric Magazine” Appliance “too much coverage of it in their outstanding contributions to energy efficiency; 2009 Haier Energy Star air conditioner further increase the share of exports, the supply Wal-Mart’s “Energy Star” products accounting for an increase of 40%.

Green energy solutions should be systematic, whole process, which requires not only products, the whole supply chain must be energy-saving environmental protection and sustainable development. It is understood that Haier air conditioning products has been reduced to 75% of the package size, the number of containers to use are also reduced by 50% on the old container by a series of reforms, not only to reduce and speed up transport costs and speed reduction inventory of space and retail space, it is for customers to create a huge economic value, to further accelerate the Wal-Mart requires all suppliers to achieve sustainable green development process. “We now have full use of 100% natural, recyclable packaging material, in order to achieve better energy-saving environmental protection and sustainable development.” Haier air conditioner official told reporters that the overseas market.

Both the international markets, or create global brands, Haier air conditioning always adhere to independent innovation, not simply to provide users with products, but to the customers, users of the whole process of green energy solutions. The current prevalence of gambling-type air-conditioning industry set of customers (paragraph Yahuo sets), and even the phenomenon of cheating customers, these stereotypes not only caused a huge inventory, increased customer business risks, but also damage the interests of customers and users . Haier air conditioner in order to create customer value as the core, the first to subvert this tradition, and actively practice the “zero inventory under the Demand for” creating new trade practice to “the election for the user, helping clients to switch” to start, through the virtual, real net combination of “other off-site to sell products” to “send-home program”, formed from the products, services, processes, mechanisms to model the whole set of innovative solutions to the pursuit of user choice, the main push customers to realize the user, customer, business win-win situation. SABUNG AYAM