Walking is a part of training a dachshund

Dachshunds are basically German breed dogs, which are known for their unique characteristics and looks from the other dogs, hence training a dachshund is not an easy task. They have short legs, long and curved body and hanging ears. Although training a dachshund is a tough job, but other than what makes them different from others is their strength, and wild behavior, they don’t depend on others that is why people admire them. And because of this training a dachshund is very much difficult for the owners or for those who want to adopt one.  In German, the word dachshund means “badger hunter” it’s because they are trained to hunt badgers.

Although training a dachshund is difficult but not impossible, it just needs your time, patience, determination, regularity and a well and specific knowledge how to train them. That’s why if you want to adopt a dachshund you have to look for all these aspects. Because if you fail to fulfill all the conditions of training a dachshund; it can be dangerous to the owner. They start to act wild and do bad things which will be annoying at the end. So to stop them doing this you have to know that dogs are animals. They live and wander in team with a team leader. It is very important for the owner to make their dogs see them as their leader; otherwise it would be hard to handle them, and they may get aggressive that can harm someone.

A regular exercise is a part of training of dachshunds – regular and a lot of exercise. It is not about letting your dachshund out in the garden or patch to roam around and ease itself. One has to take them on a walk every day and has to spend time with them. Many problems arise from not giving them exercise which later results in a punitive ending.  Dachshunds are very energetic dog breed, if you keep them stay at home, they may get aggressive and behave bad. So training your dachshund should be on the top of your list. A passionate dog owner can train dachshund very well despite of being stubborn. He can start by short walks and introducing his dog to other dogs and people around. Park can be a great place for walk but make sure it should be so crowded.