Wang Decade In Television Career Start Road Jiemi – Wang, Wang As Vice Mayor, Tv – Food Industry

Shen Bing: three columns decade away, “Son of the East”, “News Investigation”, “face to face,” “Oriental Son” brings you what, left to you?

Wang: “Oriental Son” should say that I emerged from the backstage, and gave me a very good environment. I said was “Oriental Son” sort of way I did not take any pressure, psychologically, it relieved pressure on our hearts.

Second, because we have come to call “concentrated essence of life,” elite are all walks of life, if I would come to “Son of the East”, where I went to see Li Ka-shing? Where I went to see the Fok Ying Tung? I thought, do not do anything, just do not take money out ahead of each person to go to school saying, You’re not adult intensive three to five years down the? I think this is a fortune to me.

Shen Bing: This is down more than 200 Oriental Son, you have learned today, what is the most profound sentence?

Wang: Li Ka-shing said a word to me, impressed, I said that Mr. Lee think their success secret? He said I did not major principles to say that I think is very simple, we do business trust and is the “credit” is the word that most people trust and who can do very well, we earned 10 dollars, according to the agreement you 5 block, I 5, I Li Ka-shing’s practice is you get six, I take four, I will let you never find better than me Cooperation Object. So he said 30 years ago, I look for business, three years after a business to me, and unsuccessful when pigs fly.

Shen Bing: “News Investigation” has brought you what, leave you?
Wang: Very important point is that life experiences to my mind, “Oriental Son” is a daily program, is a very beautiful program, “News Investigation” is one week to broadcast programs, we have the four reporters, a months out of time, to loneliness.

Shen Bing: Do you endure it?
Wang: Do you think I stand the it? I am in the “investigative journalism” did for seven years, all the hosts are looking from another, and I did not change. I can not do any of this, I do not have more new opportunities, and dry to the audience was also recognized, this face like “investigative journalism” in the face, like a reporter’s face, which is not on line yet? Looking back over seven years, every film is like a footprint as clear, and very practical.

2003 1 11, long newsmaker interview program “Face to Face” on air, by virtue of years to form the solid interview skills, Wang become the “face” part of the filmmakers and only journalists photographed, along with “face to face” the rapid growth, Wang increasingly attracted much attention.

Bing Shen: So many people interviewed, what to leave in your body?
Wang: Actually my nutrition all learn from them over the. Sometimes may be a criticism of public opinion you are, you will see, you have to be empathetic, thinks of others, why he did so, why not? People succeed, you’re going to question, is really a success? When you believe that he is really successful, you have another question, why should this success will come on him? You will look back and think how I should do? Gao such as the elderly have to face her, not moving? You would think my life could not reach her the state, really, I can look up her look, I was content, I can dip side, people can learn a science, I feel very lucky.

Shen Bing: You already said that you had to do press, because this career in this industry so that everyone can see, the more people see of course is looking better.

Wang: Yes, another concept is influence, not personal popularity, I tell you the truth, and now I do not think it gave me any good, I am not used to be someone little finger poke stamp, I uncomfortable. You say you are a public figure, you need a public figure of standards to myself, I not used to, but I will try to do a good job. I have worries? Affect my work, it will affect my state of mind. Shen down if I do not, the program was finished, the source of happiness and a sense of accomplishment foundation is shaken. SABUNG AYAM