Wanna See A Fish With A Long Name?

In Hawaii, ‘Hana’ means ‘bay’ and ‘uma’ mean ‘curve’, which is a clue as to what Hanauma Bay looks like. The bay is crescent moon shaped and is a result of the ocean meeting into two volcano craters. This is a beach park that sees many tourist visit and do various activities. Words can’t describe the picturesque views you get from Hanauma Bay, its one of the many reasons Hawaii vacation home rentals are booked almost a year in advance.

This is such as popular tourist hotspot that the it has been somewhat affect by the changes made to accompany the tourists for example in the middle of the 20th century in order for telephone cable to be put underwater they had to blow up portions of the reef with dynamite. You can still see it to this day and is the reason why this section of the bay is called cable channel.

Hanauma is often called a beach park but really is a nature preserve thanks the marine life that can be found here. Examples of marine life that can be seen here are the humuhumunukunukuapua’a which is one of the species of the triggerfish. This is the state fish of Hawaii, that can be identified by its diamond shaped body and a dark stripe that cross over their silver sides. They also have pale blue fins but what is more interesting is the fact that their teeth are blue as well. There are many of types of fish that can found here such as the parrotfish, Tang, Surgeonfish, Butterflyfish and Goatfish in total there are over 450 types of fish that the Hanauma Bay is home to. Then there are the many other species that are located here such as the green shell turtles which use Hanauma as a nursery ground for immature turtles.

Hawaii Authorities have taken measures to preserve this bay for example before they are allowed on the beach all visitors have to watch a short educational video which gives details about the bay’s history and wildlife. Also when swimming be careful not to do anything that would upset or harm the many lifeforms so there is a look but don’t touch rule set there. You’re allowed to swim near them and take photos but break the rules and you will be fined which can go as high as $ 500.

With so much marine life in this are its no wonder that this place is a number one spot for snorkellers and Marine enthusiasts. If you don’t have your own equipment don’t worry because there will be a company on the beach that will help. Also for those who don’t know how to Snorkel they will also offer lessons so that even the most inexperienced snorkeller can have an enjoyable time out in the water.

There are concession stands at the entrance of the bay so you will be able to get something to eat if you forget to bring something. There is also a $ 5 entrance fee if you aren’t a Hawaii resident or active in the military. But it is worth it as it is a brilliant place that to go and to see, be aware though being that this is a popular beach during the summer seasons and he authorities limit the amount of people that go to this area so its best to go as soon as it opens or you may miss out on this beautiful place. SABUNG AYAM