Want A New Career For A Change?

Looking for a new career is not that easy. Because you have to choose career that you really have passion on it. Without passion you can never be satisfy working and even become successful. You have to gather lots of options to choose for so that you can pick the right one.

Also there are many training options are available to help jobseekers get back to work. While government-sponsored training schemes provide a wonderful gateway to the working market, apprenticeships offer young individuals excellent career progression as well as the opportunity to lean and earn at the same time. For the more experienced jobseekers, there is also the possibility of using previous career experience to start a new one and inspire others by changing the role previously held.

Here are some few ideas on how to find a new career that really change you:

*First of all, you have to ask questions like why you have to change your career. May be because you feel bored and frustrated, from being in the same job too long; have lost interest in the work and its importance; feel undervalued or not important to the organization; believe they are being underpaid for the work they do; or may be simply need a new challenge or fresh start.

*Second is making use of your existing skills. You may not need to go for a complete career change where you do something different. Because most other roles or jobs overlap in their skills requirements, you can almost certainly use the knowledge, skills and capabilities that you already have. Network with other people to find out if there are opportunities in your own line of work: personal contacts, past colleagues, customers or suppliers or members of a professional group you belong to. Nowadays, networking is a skill in itself and one of the most productive ways to find a new career or job.
If you decide to go ahead with a career change, please make sure you go for something that you really are interested in, otherwise the same scenario will set in again and you will be back where you started from.

*Third is changing career at a time of your life. A career change is possible at any time of life if you have the desire and motivation to do it. A midlife career change may be just the right thing for you. You only have to look at the finalists in the recent UK Master Chef competition to realize what commitment and passion can do for your career. The three finalists were a writer, a doctor and a sales director all of whom were so committed to winning the competition as a means of changing their careers.

*Fourth is to gain or gather lots of new experience from your new career. Remember that, in a sense, you are starting your career again from square one. Obtaining a part-time job or volunteering in your new career field not only can solidify your decision, but give you much needed experience in your new career. You might also want to consider temping in your new field. Work weekends, nights, whatever it takes to gain the experience.

Last thing you will have to know is try to love what you are doing so that you dont need to change for a new career. Be positive always and never think of negatives that might end up your current career.