Want to Get Back Your Boyfriend? Find Out Why he Left!

Sobbing and sulking over a break up is not going to help, instead if you feel that your relationship meant something to both of you and that you would like to give it another shot; try to find out what led to the break up ; this will help you to formulate the steps needed to get back your boyfriend. Men are comparatively simple creatures when pitched against women; so it is not difficult to understand what made a man cut his losses and get out of the relationship. Yet it is important to take an objective look at what went wrong without getting your emotions in the picture if you are seriously want to get back your boyfriend.

Some of the common reasons for a break up in which a man calls it quits on a relationship include:

* Getting bored in the relationship

* A nagging girlfriend

* A suspicious partner

* Girls who get ahead of the relationship and invest a lot of emotions in it.

If you want to see how all these things can prove detrimental to a relationship, it is recommended that you watch a rather educational chick flick called” how to lose a guy in 10 days”, so lets talk about what makes your man run out of the relationship

Boredom: Most woman try hard to look attractive, do something special in bed for their man, make him feel like the king of his lair only till they bag a guy. Ladies, don’t deny this flat out because I am a woman and I have tried this one way too many times to turn away from this little fact. However, once the guy is bagged and tagged; there is very little to accomplish, after all the conquest is yours to do with as you please. Then starts the routine of how so many of his habits annoy you, and how you simply don’t have the time to do something special for him and how you are too tired for love making. But regardless of how much time you spend with a man, you still expect him to get you flowers every now and then and remember all those important days etc.

Once you get a guy, if you truly want to keep him for long, it is essential to keep him on his toes. Do you know why so many relationships fizzle out when the woman goes from being a lover to wife? Because she feels that now that the ring is on the finger, she does not have to try to please her man. Wrong! A boring relationship works for nobody including you, instead try to keep the same novelty that you had when you just started dating.

Nagging: The Sunday afternoon games, weekly boy’s night out, a game of poker at the house; is it all getting on your nerves? Do you constantly nag your boyfriend about how he leaves the wet towel on the bed or his sneakers all over the floor? Well, you need to understand that you are his girlfriend, not his teacher or nanny to tell him what he should and should not do. If you don’t like one of his habits talk to him about it, if it persists, don’t pick up after him. If you have a problem with the guys coming over, take the time out to hang out with your friends instead of getting into a fight with your man.

Now, if he has left for one of these reasons, you will need to prove to him that you have changed your stripes if you want to get back together with ex. Try to do so only when you truly believe that you have corrected your behavior that led to your man scampering away from you. Lying and cheating never helps in a relationship, if you do so, you are only paving the way for more pain and heart break.

Most “how to get your back your boyfriend” books will tell you that it’s acceptable to get in touch with your ex after a few weeks. A better technique is to subtly ask one of his friends about your man’s plans for the weekend and try to be at the same place as him with a bunch of your friends, of course. See the way he acts, does he ignore you or leave the place as soon as he can. If he does so, it is obvious that he is not interested in pursuing this relationship again. But if he smiles at you, talks to you casually, you can get in touch with him after a few days and ask him out for coffee. This is a good time to discuss the problems that you had in the relationship but only if he is at ease with it.
It is not impossible to get back your boyfriend but you ill need to be honest and patient.
Sabung Ayam
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Sabung Ayam