Want To Give A Healthier Twist To Your Chicken? Throw In Some Ginseng Roots!

For decades, different varieties of ginseng have been consumed as a medicinal and healing herb in different parts of the world. But for some people, the thought of a traditional ginseng tonic doesn’t seem too appealing. Due to this reason, people may either “forget” to take their regular dose of this amazing herb or not bother to reap its benefits at all. But what if you could enjoy those benefits through chicken?

For those who haven’t tried cooking with ginseng, here are two very easy recipes that will make sure you consume more of this wonder food on a regular basis.

Chicken ginseng soup
This could be a yummy appetizer or a wholesome meal when consumed in a larger quantity. Things that you would need for this soup include:

Chicken breast- 1 piece

Dates- 6

Water- 900ml

Ginseng roots- 100gms


You should begin with blanching the chicken that has been chopped into bite-size pieces. Keep it aside while you prepare the broth by boiling the roots and the water. Once that is ready, throw in the blanched chicken along with all the dates, add a bit of salt and let the soup simmer for two hours.

2. Chinese whole chicken with ginseng

This would perfectly complement the chicken ginseng soup. Simple, tasty and extremely healthy, this whole chicken is made up of the following ingredients:

Chicken- 1


Rinsed jujube- 10

Short American Ginseng Giant 4oz box

Pre-soaked sticky rice- 1/2 cup

Halved garlic cloves- 2

Sliced ginger roots- 2

White pepper- 1 generous pinch

Wash and dry the chicken before you start cooking. Then, take out 2 whole roots from your short American ginseng box, wash them and cut one of them into small pieces. Stuff the chicken with a mixture of rice, salt, the cut up ginseng root and five of the jujubes. Close it up with the help of toothpicks and put it in a pan, as a whole. There should be enough water to cover the entire chicken. Let it boil and add all the remaining ingredients so that everything can simmer together for half an hour. Once done, you will have to turn the chicken over so that the other side can be cooked thoroughly for another 30 to 40 minutes so that the meat almost starts to fall off the bones. Serve it hot, along side or after a small serving of the chicken ginseng soup.
Sabung Ayam
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