Want To Plan A Great Event? Don’t Do This.

Small parties are easy, but when you step up to the big leagues, for a wedding, corporate function, reception, or other major occasion, you’ll want to arm yourself with some knowledge. Take some from this veteran and save yourself from the mistakes most people make.

Rookies in event planning typically find the same traps unavoidable. First is a loose attitude that things will get done, when in fact this expectation is sure to get nothing done at all. Next is failing to budget carefully, which is a great way to pull the plug on your big day well into the process, once you’ve already put a host of work in. Last is overlooking the most impactive part of your guests memory of the date: food and drink.

To fail to plan is to plan to fail, so to plan to plan is to plan to succeed. What this actually means is that you have to organize your plans carefully, and actually make plans for your plans. Identify which pieces need to be in place before the rest can happen. After all, there’s no sense placing that giant food order before you have tables to put it on.

The part that can really sneak up on you is the budget. If you approach this in a relaxed manner you almost guarantee that you will run out of money. Even worse is to put yourself in debt by overextending. Pay attention to every cent you allocate, and do this after determining a hard number that you calculate as the absolute maximum you can spend from the getgo.

Now imagine this, beautiful venue, great DJ, live band, awesome staff, but the food tastes like crap. And the drinks were too strong so some chick puked in the ficas plant. Not so clear on the venue, entertainment or staff anymore are you? That’s because good food and drinks can make or break your date. So make them a priority even if you cut corners elsewhere.

So the map is laid before you, and if you use it to avoid lazy plans, poor budgeting and bad food or drinks, you’ll probably be about 60 percent in the clear. Going by the 80/20 rule you should already be covered, but if you need help beyond that there’s no shame in hiring a professional. We get it done better and for less anyway. See the resource box for more info.
Sabung Ayam
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