Warning! These 8 Limiting Beliefs Will Derail Your Success on eBay

Oftentimes, one’s success or lack thereof can be due largely in part to limiting beliefs.

Here are some common perceptions about eBay that can have a negative impact on your success. Do you have any of these?

One item up for auction gets me one buyer.
The more auctions I have listed on eBay the more profit I’ll have.
If I sell an item on eBay for less than my cost I’ve just lost money.
My success on eBay depends on my ability to find tons of unique products that I can sell at maximum markup for as large of a profit as possible.
An eBay auction is where I sell one item.
If someone clicks on my eBay auction for Product X all they want is Product X.
After I sell the “junk in my closets” I really don’t have much I can sell on eBay without making a large investment in this business.
I’m too busy to have an “eBay business.”

I find that many of the above beliefs are singular in nature…to many it’s the simple way of looking at things. To become successful at anything one must look beneath the surface. Like the tip of the iceberg…the mass is below the surface…that’s where all the answers are.

Dig a little deeper into auction sites you’ll field that they can be a perfect catalyst to building a great business. Below are 8 thoughts about eBay auctions that may transform your mediocre business to a raging success.

One auction can bring me potentially hundreds of new buyers before, during and after the auction is over.
I only need a handful of auctions to make as much or more money than people listing several times more of the same items than I’m selling.
If I just lost a little money on an auction that’s OK, I got several new paying customers anyway or I grew my customer base for future sales.
My success on eBay depends on my ability to attract *hits to my auctions and supply those shoppers with multiple buying opportunities and also turn those shoppers into lifetime customers.
An eBay auction is my chance to turn hundreds of browsing eBay customers into lifetime customers who buy products from me on and off eBay.
A shopper looking for Product X on eBay is very likely to also be interested in free or fee based information on Product X, a book about Product X, a newsletter on Product X, and products similar to Product X. We also know that they are likely new to eBay and may want help getting to know eBay.
Finding an endless supply of profitable items to sell on eBay is SIMPLE and ANYONE can do it with minimal effort.
You can start with as little as a few minutes per week and grow your business at any rate you choose.

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