Wart Removal Remedy – 7 Proven Ways For Healthy Skin

There is some good news waiting for all those searching of an effective wart removal remedy. There are many natural ways in which you can get rid of warts, using simple ingredients available in almost any household. The following is the list of the top remedies that can help banish warts in next to no time.

1. Blood root is a herb that is known to be an effective removal remedy. Regular application of the herb on the infected area will help you get rid of even stubborn warts in a few days time.

2. One simple wart removal remedy lies in using plasters which help the skin to become moist. This in turn causes the top layer of the skin to peel off after some time , thereby taking the wart too along with it.

3. Garlic has been for long used for wart removal. A few cloves of garlic , crushed and then applied on the affected area of the skin , twice a day for about a week, is enough to get rid of warts.

4. Another effective wart removal remedy involves using a duct tape. You just need to cover the warts using a duct tape for some weeks. This will cause the warts to come off along with the skin.

5. Vitamin E oil when applied on the warts is known to remove them in a few days time. When combined with garlic, the effectiveness of this method is known to increase even more. Castor oil too has similar properties to that of vitamin E oil are also a highly effective home remedy for removing warts.

6. Onion juice when applied regularly just before going to bed and left overnight is another highly effective wart removal remedy.

7. Honey is another natural substance that when applied to warts can help in removing them after a few days time.