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HC Chemical Network News, current water Paint Is basically to polymer materials as the main body, at room temperature were amorphous liquid, a coating can be cured in the formation of the surface structure of considerable thickness and a certain flexibility of waterproof membrane material collectively.

I. Development Overview: Our development and application of waterproof coatings began in 60’s, early made in various scraps as raw material, chemical products, such as styrene tar waterproofing coating, “6511” light roof waterproof coating, waterproof coating such as emulsified asphalt, instability due to the quality of performance were to stop developing. During the same period, my country is to improve polymer Oil Configuration waterproof asphalt coating, the Yi-conducted large amount of work. Appeared in the mid 60 Neoprene – Asphalt waterproofing coating, 70 appeared in the early recycled rubber – asphalt waterproofing coating, and be more successful in engineering applications. 1974, the State Construction Committee of Jiangsu Zhenjiang in China for the first time held a technical discussion roof waterproof coating, waterproof coating in China made a historical summary of recycled rubber – asphalt waterproofing coating, were identified and recommended varieties.

1976 in China released a “roof waterproof coating quality indicators and test methods” Trial Implementation of the. Appeared in 1977 reclaimed rubber asphalt water emulsion waterproof coating, since 1978 in engineering applications, a large amount of domestic use of a waterproof coating. Reclaimed rubber asphalt to improve the development of the water emulsion or solvent-based waterproof coating, waterproof coating developed country became a major technical way. With the synthetic polymer materials industry in China and steady development of synthetic rubber and a variety of high-quality Synthetic resin As raw material, waterproof coating, in the 80’s have come into use: such as two-component polyurethane waterproof coating, acrylic Esters The light-colored waterproof coating, waterproof coating asphalt cation chloroprene latex and silicone rubber waterproof coating, waterproof coating the development of our country has entered a new period. Rubber asphalt type and synthetic polymer type waterproof coating waterproofing applications in China are becoming a growing proportion. Petroleum asphalt mainly to the technical means of polymer modification, has a long history in China, it is a broad source of raw materials, low cost, suitable for large surface light of the general water works; to synthetic polymers material mainly made of paint, performance is excellent, but the price is high, suitable for demanding waterproofing.

With the development of waterproof coating, respectively, in recent years China has asphalt waterproof coatings, polymer modified asphalt waterproof coatings and synthetic polymer main varieties of waterproof coatings developed countries and industry standards, provides their test methods and specifications; in April 1994 announced a national standard, “Roof Engineering” (GB50207 – 94), on the quality requirements of our waterproof coating, waterproof coating design elements, construction methods, project acceptance and maintenance have made clear.

2. Waterproof coating Features (1) waterproof coating before curing was viscous liquid, therefore, the construction not only in the horizontal plane, but also in elevation, Yang angle and the complex surface, forming a complete seamless waterproof membrane;

(2) when used without heating, while reducing environmental pollution, and easy to operate and improve working conditions;

(3) form a waterproof layer of dead weight is small, especially for light and roof waterproofing.

(4) the formation of the waterproof membrane has a larger extension of the resistance, water resistance and weather resistance, can adapt to minor changes in primary cracks.

(5) coating of waterproof paint, waterproof layer is the main material, but also Adhesive So easy bonding quality assurance, maintenance is relatively simple. Especially for primary cracks, construction joints, water bucket and run through tubes and some likely to cause leakage around the site, easily be increased to paint, patch and other operations.

(6) construction must be brush, scraper or brush coating layer such as scraping, it is difficult to make waterproof membrane thickness as uniform as the waterproofing membrane, waterproof membrane construction conditions affect the quality of vulnerability. SABUNG AYAM