“water Gate” Background-color: Depressed Nongfushangquan Oligopoly Game – Master Kong, The

This has always been on the water industry
smoke confused the “battlefield” in this year’s season is approaching, an strong smell of gunpowder is spreading.

6 month, “China News Weekly,” a source of information for ” Master Kong Former executives, “the report, exposing the last year,” Master Kong Water Gate “signs. The article quoted a lot of information, corroborated Nongfushangquan Planned and led last year’s “Master Kong Water Gate” incident, while the last quote in the article China Environmental Monitoring Center released the latest issue of “Monthly Bulletin of surface water quality” in the “Thousand Island Lake’s water quality has been out this year in January into class “and will also introduce to the farmer spring” water gate “whirlpool. Implementation of our water quality evaluation criteria

“Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard (GB3838-2002)”, by class ?? Inferior six categories evaluated. class is described as “light pollution”, referring to general industrial water and non-direct contact with the body of water entertainment.

Although Nongfushangquan and Master Kong are not planning to attack the opponents publicly, but last June from June of this year, up to a year, you can see both sides of the figure in a multi-level game. Why is the farmer spring and Master Kong?

“This reflects the competitive bottled water industry, the brutality and intensity.” A senior official said the water industry, in fact, beginning in 2004 with the Wahaha Strategic adjustment Nongfushangquan competitive relationship with the abatement of Wahaha, has become a farmer spring on the Master Kong’s direct competition. “Water kinds of disputes,” officially entered the second half, from the original “pure mountain spring water on the water” to the “mountain spring water on mineral water.”

6 17, a press on the matter to the chairman of the board minutes Bibi Nongfushangquan interview requests made, but as of press time, has not received any reply.

Oligopoly Analysis, as the industry veteran, Master and Nongfushangquan competition began in 2004. That time, the water industry through highly integrated in previous years, the basic formation of Wahaha, Robust, Nongfushangquan as a national brand and Yi Bao, Blue Sword and other regional brands confrontation. Robust

But as was Danone Continued to weaken after the acquisition, the Wahaha bottled water is gradually transformed from an integrated beverage company Nongfushangquan welcomed the expansion of the best time.

“Fundamental From then onwards, due to weak profitability of bottled water projects, and even losses in some regions, Wahaha is basically a piece of business to maintain, but their energy is mainly used in new products such as nutritional Express the promotion. “insiders, a Wahaha said the reporter.

Therefore, as the “water kind of struggle,” the main rival of Wahaha, not yet a direct threat to the farmer spring, the throw off Robust, Wahaha away, the farmers began a large scale layout of the country spring.

However did not last long, Master Kong in the year to carry huge amounts of money Sharu bottled water industry.

“When we started you on the Master Kong has a lot of access do not understand, because the Master Kong Tea And fruit drinks are all leading brands, there is no need to enter a Wahaha are not good for low-profit areas. “The water industry source said.

And a Master Kong insiders said that although sales of bottled water is not high, “but because the volume is quite large, is a super liquidity Advertisement By bottled water brand communications, Master Kong is well led other high profitability product sales. “

In the bottled water is defined as a strategic project, Master Kong started expansion will also be competition with the farmers into the front spring. SABUNG AYAM