Ways to End Relationships – How to Break Up With Someone Painlessly

Breaking up is like swallowing a bitter pill. You know it’s not going to be any good but you still have to do it to get better anyway. Nobody likes to be the one to break the bad news; but luckily, people are starting to learn the proper ways to end relationships – ways that will make the whole ordeal less painful.

Over time, people have learned the best ways to end relationships. A lot of it has to do with common sense; but since this is quite an emotional time for the couples involved, common sense does not exactly have a place here. The tips below are intended to set you free while minimizing the emotional hurt that might result.

Ways To End Relationships # 1: No Guilt Tripping

One of the worst ways to break up is by guilt tripping the other person. Even though the other person does have to shoulder the blame, pointing your fingers at him or her will only prolong the break up process.

Your partner will naturally try to make up for his or her “faults” and you might even end up giving the relationship another go. And isn’t that just totally opposite of your goal?

Ways To End Relationships # 2: No Gift Swapping

Don’t give goodbye presents. Don’t accept any either. Once you accept a present from the person you broke up with, it means that there’s still a chance for the two of you to patch things up. That’s not what you really need at this point, right?

Ways To End Relationships # 3: No Words Left Unsaid

Don’t reserve your words for another meeting. Say what you need to say when you have the chance to say it. Not taking this opportunity would only make you feel restless and dissatisfied with the whole break up process. Besides, you won’t get another shot at admitting your emotions. It’s time for a clean break up. End everything now.

Remember these ways to end relationships and you’ll soon be on your way to recovery. Don’t forget to try to make things as simple and as clear as possible. Don’t be swayed by presents or tears either.