We Should Resolutely On The Cottage Flat Panel Tv To Say “no” – Cottage Flat Panel Tv,

Recently, the cottage flat LCD TV Machine coming soon news spread like wildfire and became the focus of discussion around town. On the other hand, a large number of cottage market

Mobile Has become very popular, even as the domestic mobile phone market has been the main force. The face of “cottage” product rampant cottage mobile phones, flat or even

Digital Camera after another, consumers, industry should be held by what attitude? I steal that, we should firmly on

Flat Panel TV , Mobile phones, digital cameras and other products, “cottage” behavior say no!

Cottage behind the rampant product What is the cottage product? The origin of its name at least two meanings. One is that their production and processing do not like the look of the modern factory, and their pipeline like a mountain deep in the stockade as simple, cottage-like they came from the factory. Second implication is that companies producing these products is not a cottage, “regular” products and production processes without proper legal and administrative formalities, just like the cottage in the same peasant uprising.

How popular products cottage? Cottage products rapidly became popular in the domestic market because the main source of its “low” price to create more attractive. In addition, the cottage products market responsiveness and rapid product cycles also earned the vagaries of the consumer electronics industry to create a foundation for the market. Advantage of the product surface cottage look is a good thing, also won by consumers, but Should the careful analysis of the infinite harm.

Cottage products rely mainly on low price to achieve lower costs. These costs include basic research and development costs, patent fees cost, quality and cost components, manpower cost, environmental impact of product cost, product safety testing costs. Almost from the initial formal design

Fitting Procurement to production and circulation of the overall “cost” savings, that created the myth of conquering a city cottage. However, low-cost cottage is only superficial: cottage products, cost control almost all concentrated in the final product assembly areas, cottage industry chain manufacturers have little control, cottage manufacturers a cost advantage will depend on the upstream companies, including chip, screen, software , memory devices, power devices and other vendor’s tune. It can be seen, not really a cottage manufacturer price and cost control manufacturers. ?? For the cost, the industry is certainly the most say in who controls the chain, or key chain node enterprises.

Cost control ability is not cost control in cottage enterprises can only be to ignore basic research and development, illegal application of the patent to others, compressed labor costs, do not care about product safety testing of environmental costs and the cost of bypass way?? To an immoral in the form of barbaric way cottage “save” costs.

Another competitive advantage cottage manufacturers flexible product strategy. Take cottage phone speaking, the new product cycle no more than 3 months. So the speed of a hard act to regular vendors. Such a response rate of cottage manufacturers source from where? The main innovation is the product does not use independent research and development strategy, while the formal testing products directly to market around the country, both for the cost of cottage enterprises can save time “year” to calculate. Since there is no R & D, then the heart of endless cottage innovative products they come from? The answer is copied, imitated, and improved. After all, cottage market rate is “imitation” rather than speed the pace of innovation is the “surface” speed rather than “core competencies” speed. Formal R & D and testing links that bypass the speed advantage of high speed created a cottage can update the protection of “low price” market myth.

Cottage rampage against infinite Although market, cottage products with unique characteristics and advantages of attracting a lot of consumers, and objective information to promote the domestic market

Home Appliances The popularity of products, but the rampant situation cottage on the country’s economic development is only 100 harm.

“Cottage” rampant piracy is rampant, that does not encourage innovation, sustainable development is contrary to the construction of an innovative country’s scientific development. SABUNG AYAM
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