Welcome the Chinese New Year with Dragon Dance

China, the land of oriental arts and mystics is always observed associated with dragons that spit fire. The Chinese have often kept their identity in their culture. They have their personal myths and beliefs. They have their personal astrology. Right from the dragons, laughing Buddha, golden frog, bamboo tress and so on are featuring in their astrology. According to the Chinese custom each year belongs to a distinct animal. So, the chinese new year celebrations will often be related with that particular animal. It can be a horse or a rat. But the animal of the coming year will be the centre of attraction in celebrations held in Chinese New Year eve.

Despite the fact that once rejected as mere superstitions, Chinese astrology has attained recognition during recent couple of years. Men and women all over the globe are producing required changes in their houses and offices to suit the Chinese notion of architecture. They are placing specific articles like the statue of a laughing Buddha or a miniature of bamboo trees to invite prosperity according to the Chinese belief. This changed situation has increased the demand for chinese new year present and chinese new year card. Individuals believe that everything the Chinese do has a which means and objective. Gifting something to a particular person will always be out of affection. So, the thought in thoughts should be that the receiver of the present ought to be happy. And if Chinese present something that will definitely bring happiness and prosperity to the person who receives it. This belief has become strong in recent years. Folks believe that if somebody present them a statue of laughing Buddha, it will bring prosperity to them. Such beliefs played an crucial function in increasing the demand for chinese new year present. As the Chinese astrology has become common there is a huge demand for chinese new year calendar also.

When the belief played its role in advertising chinese New Year present and chinese new year cards, the economical element is also an essential point in advertising Chinese items. It is a effectively identified fact that eye-catching Chinese gift products for a lesser price. The low labor price and the availability of row components make it effortless for Chinese to sell their items for a lesser price. As any other products Chinese New Year Present and Chinese New Year card also come low cost and cost-effective to all class of individuals. Therefore the reputation of Chinese things have improved all about the world.

When the Chinese New Year comes, the individuals all around the world celebrate it as it is a matter of faith. They are content to welcome the New year with dragons. They firmly think that the symbols of Chinese astrology and associated rituals like laughing Buddha will bring luck. That is why the demand for chinese new year calendar has elevated in the recent years. So be ready to celebrate the chinese new year. The dragons will shower all the blessings on you. And the Chinese gifts like Laughing Buddha will bring all the luck and prosperity.
Sabung Ayam
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Producers: Natalie Farrey and Vincent Landay for MJZ
Executive Producers: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim
Co-Producer: Amanda Adelson
Director of Photography: Hoyte van Hoytema
Production Designer: KK Barrett
Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Costume Designer: Heidi Bivens
Song: Mutant Brain (feat. Assassin) by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums

Sabung Ayam