Wenzhou Locks And Boosting Crisis Erupted Amazing!

Sluggish market environment, enterprises often weak, lack of confidence, some reports have even claimed that a large number of Chinese manufacturing enterprises in a crisis after another transformation, a time when the news of bankruptcy, though aware of this report to be overstated, but the Whether in Wenzhou locks are re-assessment survey to see a film in the construction of the new plant is still working towards goods workers overtime, or lock in Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce members of the General Assembly brought together hundreds of boisterous scene.

Face of the crisis met strong, strong

January 8, Wenzhou International Hotel, a spacious conference room, filled with industry veterans from Wenzhou locks, executives, a warm atmosphere to make this 39 day of winter, seem not so cold.

In fact, the financial crisis brought Wenzhou, there is indeed a challenge, especially in real estate, under the influence of the automotive industry downturn, export-oriented locks, car locks and other products are facing reduced orders, the profit decreased situation. However, bearing that in mind, with the obvious fluctuations in oil prices, the automotive market malaise to right people to exercise, a healthy pursuit, so that consumers in their daily travel, the start options and convenient, low-power bicycle products, followed by , that is a large demand for bicycle locks.

Bicycle lock is a major feature of Wenzhou Lock products to universal, neutral for the two leading manufacturers of related products and promote the local industry chain to flourish. According to Lock, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, General Motors Group, for-ming, chairman of introduction, a large part of the world bicycle locks are from Wenzhou, and even Japan, Europe and several top international brands have their production lines to several large-scale enterprises in Wenzhou, in particular, is a universal, neutral, the two groups, and now already have most of the orders for high-end products at home and abroad.

Vietnam in dire straits, the more its explosive power is the characteristics of the enterprises in Wenzhou, in this crisis, instead of Wenzhou enterprises are more likely to trip the lock out of a new development.

Shi-Liang, “Chinese locks are” signs

The China National Hardware Association executive vice president of stone monk orchid, the Secretary-General Li-Xin Jin, the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Chi-Ying, China Daily, deputy director of hardware technology development center Bi Zhi Tao, Zhejiang hardware association went to the Secretary-General Zhou Heping, a line south of Wenzhou, one thing they are Wenzhou Hardware Association to participate in the second four members of the General Assembly and, more importantly, it is inspections, investigations, in order to Wenzhou, “China locks are” industrial base for re-evaluation.

Development of light industry in Wenzhou long-standing, locks in the local history of the development is a unique position. Since 2002, awarding since the lock industry has developed into a local leather industry, following the second largest pillar industry, year, and Shandong, Guangdong accounts for the combined output of more than 60% of the country.

However, after six years of development, Wenzhou lock industry, and in 2002 has been quite different. Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, according to information provided by Lock: Lock product manufacturing is currently engaged in Wenzhou and have a certain scale enterprises have been more than 400 above-scale enterprises 183, of which 50 million yuan annual output value of more than 60 more than the size of enterprises, practitioners staff 56000 people, the annual state and local taxes paid more than 600 million yuan. Main products are mortise lock ball lock, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, as well as in recent years, development and production of high-grade mechanical and electrical integration, IC card locks, keypad locks, sensors lock, fingerprint lock and so on.

Enterprises are mainly distributed in Ouhai, Lucheng, Long sewage, water, Ka, Ryan and other places, according to incomplete statistics, in 2007 the city’s sales of 9.51 billion yuan lock, foreign trade export volume up to 40 billion yuan this year, despite the international financial crisis, is expected to lock in sales will exceed 10.0 billion annual output of nearly 500 million various types of locks, including bicycle locks for more than 83% of the country’s total output, sales, exports and output rank first in the country. Products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, more than 130 countries and regions throughout the country, are China’s major production base for one of the locks.

From the brand perspective, is now in the lock industry in the country, General Lock was a well-known trademarks in China; China National Hardware Association under the auspices of China’s “Top Ten Lock King”, Wenzhou, accounting for 4. In addition to a number of “State”-known brand-name products, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province also has a famous brand, Zhejiang famous trademark 9, cities a lot more brand-name products.

In terms of scale, since September 2002 was awarded the “Chinese locks are” after the title, the Wenzhou lock output from 2003 to 60 billion to 9.5 billion last year, an increase of 58.3%, exports from 20 billion by 2003 around 4.2 billion last year, an increase of 110%, and the emergence of a number of annual output value of Chao 1 billion lock prestigious companies at home and abroad. From the impact point of view, the original Wenzhou Locks “no reputation” even progress to be able to enjoy a “cold shoulder”, is now involved in the formulation of the national industry standard locks.

Wenzhou lock change is gratifying, at the base re-evaluation workshop, China National Hardware Association executive vice president of Stone Monk Blue is pleased to announce: Wenzhou locks have been six years of development, industrial structure is reasonable, supporting system and a complete industrial chain, formed by several brands as the leading industry clusters have an impact across the country, demonstrations take the lead in successfully through the re-evaluation!

Again polished gold-lettered signboards Wenzhou locks are anticipated, their crisis into the experience of brand building are worthy of the road across the country. In summary discovery, stone blue monk revealed to us a message – the current local government and the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce are planning a lock on the lock industry development forum in which industry experts and practitioners who will gather in Wenzhou, a total of proposed industries before the crisis development trends and future – and this look will bring us the voices of industry experts and Wenzhou’s successful experience. SABUNG AYAM